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    Grilling Safety: MA Insurance

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Insurance

    Tue, Feb 21, 2017 @ 12:02 PM

    Protect yourself while still having summer fun with personal coverage from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MASummer for most Americans means “busting out the grill” and hosting some barbecues in the warm weather, whether it be with friends, family, or both. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Americans enjoy more than three billion barbecues each year. By my calculations that’s enough chicken and steak to reach around the circumference of the Earth four times! (I just made that up, but still, there’s a lot of grilling going on). As you prepare a succulent host of BBQ food this year, remember to keep grilling safety in mind!

    Some things to remember:

    1. Wear a protective fire-resistant apron or similar garb, and mitts that reach up to your forearms to avoid burns.
    2. Keep you grill’s gas cylinder AWAY from your house or flammable structures.
    3. Check for leaks often by sprinkling soapy water around the gas valve; if there’s a leak, bubbles will form. Never check for a gas leak by using a match. This can happen.
    4. Make sure the gas is off whenever the grill is not in use.
    5. If using a charcoal grill, only use lighter fluid specified for charcoal grills. NEVER USE GASOLINE. Also never add more lighter fluid once a fire has already started; if needed, add small sticks or other tinder to augment the flame.
    6. When finished, douse coals with water before disposing of them in the trash.
    7. Our specialized outdoor flame/fire consultant advises you to take extra caution when grilling in the woods. Only you can prevent forest fires.
    8. Check grill hoses for cracks or leaks; make sure the hose doesn’t kink.
    9. Keep additional open flames away from the grill.
    10. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
    11. Never attempt to repair a grill yourself.
    12. Remember that grills can remain hot long after the fire is out.
    13. Be safe and have fun!
    Learn about your personal insurance options here

    Corbin Foucart

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    MA Surcharges: 20 Minor Violations That Increase Insurance

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Insurance

    Sun, Feb 05, 2017 @ 11:31 AM

    Cover your automobile with auto insurance from Andrew Gordon IncMost people understand that a major moving violation (DUI, reckless driving etc) will lead to a surcharge by giving you ‘points’.  But not everyone knows that many minor moving violations will also result in surcharges.

    Here are some you may not have known:

    1. Failing to stop for a blind pedestrian- regardless of circumstance, you MUST stop for a blind pedestrian
    2. Leaving your car running unattended – we’re all guilty of this one, but it could get you ticketed
    3. Lane change without a directional signal (either a hand signal or a blinker) – again, a common infraction that is more than courtesy; it’s the law
    4. Failing to yield right of way to an emergency vehicleBe prepared for automobile accidents with auto from Gordon Insurance
    5. Failure to fasten a trailer with proper safety chains and/or equipment
    6. Tailgating –yes, you can be ticketed for following another car too closely -  do your fellow driver a favor and stay off his tail 
    7. Keeping your high beams on – be mindful of who you’re flashing with your brights; if it’s a trooper, you could get ticketed
    8. Failure to use headlights from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise
    9. Wearing ear buds or headphones while operating- Bluetooth is ok, headphones are not
    10. Improper use of your horn – if you honk just because you’re angry; you’re guilty. A horn is used to alert other cars of danger. 
    11. Leaving your keys in the ignition – even if your engine is off, your keys should not be in the ignition Protect your vehicle and automobile interests with auto and advice from Gordon Insurance
    12. Passing on the right 
    13. Liquor: any minor cannot have liquor in the vehicle and anyone over 21 cannot have an open container in the vehicle
    14. Operating a vehicle without all mirrors functioning properly
    15. Passing on a motorcycle not in single-file
    16. Operating your vehicle on a bet or wager
    17. Obstructing funerals and processions
    18. Operating through a ‘peekhole’ in the windshield – if you have an incompletely defrosted windshield, don’t drive the vehicle. Let the windshield defrost first
    19. Passing any vehicle with less than 400 feet of view
    20. Employing any unlicensed operator
    For more information, visit the RMV website and check us out at


    Corbin Foucart

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    Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Insurance

    Fri, Feb 03, 2017 @ 11:28 AM

    Understand your auto insurance options to cover your vehicle with Andrew Gordon Inc

    Many people don’t know the difference between ‘Collision Insurance’ and ‘Comprehensive Insurance.’ So we’ll give you the basics.

    Collision Insurance

    Collision insurance covers the damage done to your vehicle if you are in an accident, whether you are at fault or not. However when not at fault, some people choose to settle the whole thing through the insurance of whoever IS at fault, meaning that they don’t have to go through their carrier.

    We recommend that you do go through your carrier, even if you are not at fault, for 2 reasons;

    1. If you are not at fault, you generally pay no deductible (an insurance deductible is the amount of money you pay towards repairs before your insurance kicks in; the higher deductible you’re willing to pay, the lower the cost of your policy will be).  So you don’t pay for the repairs to your car if you are not at fault; even if you go through your insurance provider. Ultimately, at the end of the day, your insurance provider is going to be giving the bill to the other company; you just get to deal with the people you know throughout the process.
    2. As a paying customer, you have much more leverage with your insurance company than with the insurance company of whoever hit you.

    Collision insurance is not required by law.  But if you owe money on your car or truck, the bank is going to require it.

    Comprehensive Insurance

    Comprehensive insurance is similar to collision insurance, but it offers protection from damage caused to your vehicle by unknown losses, including any ‘act of God.’  It is also known in some states simply as “other than collision” coverage.

    So let’s say someone breaks into your car, or steals it while you left it parked; these are covered through your comprehensive coverage. Collision with an animal such as a deer or moose are included too, but as always, be sure to check with your agent on the details of your policy to know where your coverage begins and ends.

    Comprehensive also generally covers flood, hurricane, fire, and other damage caused by ‘acts of God.’ Like collision insurance, comprehensive coverage will pay for repair or replacement, up to the fair market value of your car.

    Learn more about auto insurance here.


    Corbin Foucart

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    What is Reckless Driving?

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Insurance

    Fri, Jan 20, 2017 @ 12:12 PM

    Do not drive recklessly and cover your automobile with auto from andrew gordon inc insurance norwell maWhat is reckless driving, what are the penalties, and how will it affect your insurance?

    I’ve found that very few people have actually put time into answering these questions on the internet; so here’s a guide outlining the basics of reckless driving in Massachusetts.

    Reckless driving is legally defined as a mental state in which the driver displays wanton disregard for the rules of the road. The standards of reckless driving in Massachusetts are not specifically defined, but subjectively noted as a manner that shows you are indifferent to whether someone could be seriously injured or killed. Here are some things that will generally constitute a reckless driving charge:

    1. An egregious violation of the speed limit (this usually means driving 20-30 mph over the limit or on the highway or in a residential area)
    2. Unsafe lane changes (we’ve all seen this happen; people weaving in and out of lanes on the highway to pass as many people as quickly as possible)
    3. Drag Racing
    4. Passing on a solid line or passing on a curve.
    5. Passing a stopped school bus.
    6. Leaving the scene of an accident

    Reckless driving also usually goes hand in hand with impaired/drunk driving charges.

    Stop reckless driving and stay safe with auto from andrew gordon inc insurance norwell ma

    Reckless Driving Penalties

    Reckless driving by itself is a misdemeanor in the state of Massachusetts and is generally handled on a case-by-case basis. Because it is a criminal charge, there will be a fine and not more than two and a half years of incarceration in extreme cases. There is also the possibility of your license being suspended or revoked again depending on your offense.

    The harsher penalties are going to come from your insurer

    Reckless Driving and Your Insurance

    Reckless driving not only carries with it legal costs and time in court; it also upends your insurance. The cost is only the first part - losing your choice of an insurance company is the real kicker. We rated a 2008 Ford Taurus, with $100,000 / $300,000 liability limits, and including collision and comprehensive coverage, driving 12,000 miles per year, living in Pembroke. Of our dozen or so companies that we represent, Peerless Insurance offers the best rate for our rater, at $543 per year.

    Then she gets caught and pinned with a Reckless Driving charge.

    Goodbye Peerless.

    Hello MAIP, the Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan, aka, the Pool. Because insurance companies don’t want to insure someone with a reckless driving charge, MAIP is a state run mechanism that assigns a carrier to take that driver. MAIP is subject to a ceiling rate, meaning whoever gets the assignment can only charge as high as the MAIP rate, which in our case is now $1,489. Same coverage, same Pembroke home town, but one Reckless driving charge.

    Thus, not only did your auto insurance cost nearly triple, you lost your choice of insurance companies as well. Two hands on the wheel!

    Learn more about your auto insurance options here

    Corbin Foucart

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    Dangerous Places to Drive In Norwell: Be Careful!

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Mon, Aug 11, 2014 @ 01:38 PM

    Despite being a small, rural town, Norwell has some pretty dangerous roads. In no particular order, here are some places where I drive with extra caution. 

    River Street: The average speed limit on River St. is 40 mph, so it's a fast road. There are some pretty sudden curves, particularly the dip when River St. intersects with Green St. This is a very dangerous spot; even though the speed limit is high, SLOW DOWN at this curve.

    Drive carefully in norwell when visiting andrew g gordon inc insurance

    Main Street: Main St. is fairly straight with a few hills, but make sure to slow down and drive 25 mph through Norwell Center. Also be careful when making turns onto Main Street, particularly left turns from South Street and Assinippi Ave.

    Prospect Street: This street's speed limit ranges, but there is a good chunk where you should drive 25 mph or below. There are many sharp and short hills and turns, so drive slowly and with caution.

    Bowker Street: This street is hilly, narrow, twisty, and woodsy. Go slow!

    Tiffany Road: This street only has one corner you really need to slow down for, but the speed limit is often ignored; many people drive up to 40 mph, but the speed limit is 25! Drive slower than you think you need to!

    Stetson Road: There's a straight spot on Stetson where the speed limit is high, but a VERY sharp turn following it. Slow down to 25 mph or slower for this turn! On the other end of Stetson is another deep dip where you should drive slowly. 

    Wildcat Lane: This is a very twisty and hilly street; I don't go any more than 30 mph at any part of this street. There is one particular sharp curve in the middle you need to slow down for.

    Drive safely, and come visit our office at 306 Washington Street!

     Visit andrew g gordon inc insurance in norwell ma

    For any auto insurance or other questions, contact us or call us at 800-649-3252! If you're a parent or a new driver, visit our new driver's page, or read some of our most frequently asked questions about auto insurance.

       Top 5 Auto  Discounts

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    License Plate Lights

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Thu, Jul 25, 2013 @ 12:12 PM

    Some of us are very familiar with cars driving out and about with broken headlights or brake lights (both of which are very dangerous, regardless of how fun the game "padiddle" might be). But I recently learned something else- something about a license plate light (circled in yellow in the picture below).

    Make sure you have license plate lights and auto insurance from Andrew G Gordon IncDid you know?

    License plates lights are lights in the rear of your car that illuminate your license plate to all other drivers. It allows other drivers to read your license plate number- most likely for if they need to report you for anything illegal. Now, if you were doing something illegal, you wouldn't want your license plate to be showing anyway. However, there have been instances in which license plate lights have gone out and people have been doing completely innocent things. That happened to my friend while I was in the passenger seat; he was pulled over by the police.

    Most people don't consider license plates lights, but it's something that we should not forget about. If you find that you or a friend has a car in which the license plate lights have do not work, do NOT drive at night. It's an illegal offense and you will be pulled over.

    What should you do?

    If you do find that your license plate lights have gone out, as I've said, do NOT go out driving at night. You can get these lights fixed at several car shops and mechanics, or you can do-it-yourself. If you do-it-yourself, make sure you order white lights for your license plate. Other colors are not acceptable in Massachusetts and any form of a blue or red light on a moving vehicle is reserved for emergency vehicles. You do not want to get pulled over and face consequences for incorrect license plates lights as well as impersonating an emergency vehicle- especially over something as tiny as a license plate light!

    Safety inspection

    License plate lights are one of the things checked during a safety inspection in Massachusetts, just like headlights and brake lights. While those two may seem higher and of more importance on the hierarchy of car lights, don't forget the license plate lights. They'll get you every time!

    If you have any other questions about safety, auto insurance, or any other car questions, feel free to contact us at Gordon Insurance. Learn more about auto insurance here.

    INSURANCE QUESTION? Driving with Insurance in Mind eBook  


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    Why Increase Property Damage Limits?

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Mar 06, 2013 @ 08:04 AM

    Know why to increase property damage limits with auto from andrew gordon incThis is a true story from one of my son’s friends who went to one of those  “name your price” companies and “built his own” policy. Keep in mind that this is a 22 year old young man (we will call him Tim for this blog), not an insurance professional...

    Tim is a college student who purchased an inexpensive vehicle to get to school and his job. He called an insurance company and got to work on making his own policy; one that he thought would give him some protection. However, as per the state’s minimum required limits, Tim was only required to purchase $5,000 in Property Damage. This coverage (PD) pays for damage to another person’s property when you, a household member, or another authorized driver causes an accident. 

    Tim’s story of woe goes like this: Tim was driving from school to his parent’s house and had a single-vehicle accident where his car flipped over, hit a guard rail, and came to rest off the road.  Luckily, Tim was wearing his seat belt and was able to walk away from this fairly major crash and did not hurt anybody else. (If he had, I wonder what sort of Optional Bodily Injury limit he had... but that is a blog for another day). The car was totaled, but he did not have Collision so nothing was going to be paid out.

    End of story… or so Tim thought.  

    A couple of weeks later he received a bill from the State of Massachusetts for $10,000 to replace the guard rail. Remember now, Tim only bought the state required limit of $5,000. This story now ends with Tim having to make up the $5,000 difference for the repair/replacement of the guard rail to the state. At this point, he is still not sure if they will accept payments or if he has to come up with the lump sum – either way it is not going to be easy for this college student working on paying his own way. The biggest lesson learned is that when Tim is able to save up and purchase another car, he knows he is going to go through a local, private agent to get real advice.

    Another quick point for all of us. Remember what the property damage covers, damage to another person’s property. What if Tim had hit a BMW, or two cars?  There are not very many cars out there with a value of less than $5,000. The more coverage here the better.

    Here are a couple of scenarios and quotes with changes in the Property Damage limit for a young driver (driving between 3 and 6 years) and with basic coverage (no collision) and $250,000/$500,000 Optional Bodily Injury limits.

    1. Basic quote with $5,000 Property Damage - $906
    2. Quote as above but with $100,000 Property Damage  - $980 ($74 more, a significant difference, but Tim would now say worth every penny.)
    3. Quote as above but with $250,000 Property Damage - $987. As you can see, the difference to increase to this amount is so minimal, we would like to see everyone in our office with at least this limit.

    If you are not sure what coverages you have or would like a quote for a higher limit, please feel free to get in touch with us, and we would be more than happy to help you with this.

    Don’t end up like Tim, or worse.

    Read other articles about Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy and Property Damage for Auto Insurance.



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    What is Road Rage?

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Tue, Feb 05, 2013 @ 05:11 PM

    Drive safe without road rage in your automobile with auto from andrew gordon incRoad rage is when the driver of a motor vehicle becomes angry and aggressive, often affecting the other drivers out on the road and creating an unsafe environment for drivers. But there's more to road rage than meets the eye.

    Legal Status

    California is the only state which has given the term "road rage" a legal definition. This makes sense, seeing as the term "road rage" originated in California after shootings on the highway. In Driver's Education classes, road rage is still taught as a driving term, and while students may laugh at the prospect of someone whipping out a bow-and-arrow to use against another driver, such cases have been reported. The lesson here? Road rage is no joke.

    Road Rage in Massachusetts

    Boston is one of the top cities in the country with high aggressive driving behavior. While there is no legal definition for "road rage" here, drivers can be charged with other offenses, such as aggressive driving- which certainly correlates/is a form of road rage. Other possible violations include speeding, reckless driving, driving to endanger others, etc. If you are enraged and driving, your car is essentially a large weapon. Keep that in mind, because if you are in an accident and somebody gets hurt because you were angry, your being angry is the farthest thing from an acceptable reason as to why you were driving so aggressively.

    Helpful Hints

    If you get road rage while driving, or experience another driver with road rage, keep these hints in mind:

    • Calm down. It's the road. We all know you want to get where you want to be as quickly as possible. But rationalize, is waiting five seconds for another driver to go (regardless of whether they cut you off or not) going to affect your overall arrival time? No.
    • Take deep breaths. If you are the angry driver, take some deep breaths as you consider all the ruckus you may be causing. Other drivers are going to become hostile towards you; road rage is a two-way street.
    • Re-evaluate the road. Notice how other drivers are reacting to the road rage at hand. If other drivers become angry and hostile, avoid them. By driving amongst enraged drivers, you will only join their ranks.

    Overall, the best solution for road rage is for everybody to remain calm. That is, if the hostile driver and the other drivers around them quickly realize the situation, adjust to common courtesy on the road, and continue onward with their lives, the roads of Massachusetts (and the rest of the world) would be a much safer place.

    If you would like to update your auto quote, click the button below. We'll shop the best policies for you so if you are ever the victim of road rage, because now you know better, you will have the best protection possible. Learn more about auto insurance here.

      Driving with Insurance in Mind eBook

    Auto Quote

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    Out-of-State Auto Purchase Problems

    Posted by Donna Bellavance

    Fri, Jan 25, 2013 @ 10:03 AM

    Learn about out of state automobile purchase problems and cover your vehicle with auto insurance from andrew gordon incI’m not sure if it is the price that MA dealers are charging for the vehicles they sell, the sales tax imposed on the vehicles by the Dept. of Revenue (6.25% for new vehicles with listed dealer pricing or 6.25% of the book value determined by the DOR), or the impulse to buy while on vacation, but we have had quite a few out of state auto purchase transactions recently. Unfortunately, this process does not always go as smoothly as desired.

    Temporary Plates in MA

    When new plates are needed, many out of state dealers just assume they can provide temporary tags for the new vehicle. Unbeknownst to them, MA does not recognize these plates and will not provide insurance for vehicles with these attached. If they drive the vehicle back to MA, drivers can be stopped by the police for using these temporary plates.

    The easiest way to process the transaction is to transfer existing MA plates to the newly purchased vehicle.  If so, as long as the dealership provides the required information, allows us to complete the Registry document, and forwards the original documentation, we can have our runner take to the Registry and the driver should be all set if processed within 7 days of the vehicle purchase.

    We have recently learned that many out of state dealerships utilize outside firms that process registrations for many, if not all, other states. This may prove to be less cumbersome as long as all is processed in a timely fashion (7 days for transfers).  If not a transfer, wait until the new MA plates are issued before taking possession of the vehicle, unless the dealership will provide the plates with dealer tags and extend their own coverage until such time as the new MA plates have arrived.

    MA Sales Tax

    If the sales tax is collected for MA by the out of state dealership, it should be at the correct amount of 6.25% unless they are required to collect their own state rate & report to their Dept. of Revenue or Registry.  This should not be a problem if their rate is higher than MA—if less, the difference will still need to be paid to MA.

    Trade-in Deduction Value

    Lastly, if there is a vehicle traded in as part of the transaction, the trade-in value will be allowed as a deduction as long as the dealership is registered with MA. If not, the Registry will not allow the trade in value to be deducted from the purchase price when determining the sales tax to be collected.

    Hope this information helps answer some of the questions you may have if it is your intent to possibly purchase a vehicle from an out-of-state dealer.

    If you are purchasing a new vehicle, we would be happy to get you a free auto quote. Just click the button below.

    Contact Us

    Auto Quote

    Donna Bellavance

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    RMV: Automated Licensing and Registration System Change

    Posted by Sue Bird

    Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 04:40 PM

    Learn about changes at the massachusetts rmv and insure your automobile with auto insurance from andrew gordon incThe Registry of Motor Vehicles is implementing a new system replacing the antiquated A.L.A.R.S. (Automated Licensing and Registration System) that has been in use since 1986!

    The Registry is looking for a more efficient and cost effective system to assist consumers and partners in law enforcement, dealerships, and the insurance industry. They hope to have more online functions available for the public, but if you have a registration transaction that still needs to go to the Registry, remember that Andrew G. Gordon, Inc. provides free runner service to our clients.

    To view the RMV's press release, click this link. The article discusses how the 27 year old system is in need of replacement and how the new system will benefit everybody involved.

    Be sure to listen to the 95.9 WATD interview with RMV Registrar Rachel Kaprielian by clicking the link here.

    We feel it is our duty to keep our customers informed of changes with the RMV. This change will affect you in a positive way, and let's hope that the wave of the future continues to improve the way things are done around.

    If you have any further questions related to the RMV, auto insurance, or any other type of insurance, feel free to contact us. To get an auto quote, click the button below. We'll find the best possible selection for you and your insurance needs. Learn more about auto insurance here.


    Sue Bird

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