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19-Feb-2017 commercial
Lightning Safety Popular culture has largely portrayed a lightning strike as an event akin to winning the lottery or another extre...
20-Jan-2017 auto
Have you ever wondered how your car insurance rates are calculated? What affects that number on the bottom of the page? Here’s the...
29-Jul-2014 auto
What to do if your car is totaled
10-Apr-2013 quote
Step 1. Realize you don't have insurance.
2-Jul-2012 auto
With the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having, there are more motorcycles than ever on the highways. Due to their relatively...
13-Jun-2012 auto
Looking into buying a new car? Debating between the reliable mini-van or that indulgent sports car? If insurance factors into your...
3-Nov-2011 auto
A Facebook posting by a friend shows a picture of the family car on its side with the passenger side crushed. Luckily no one was h...

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