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21-Apr-2022 personal insurance
Many homes are heated with oil but just a small amount of those homes have insurance policies that would cover the cost of an oil ...
20-May-2020 home
Do you have a swimming pool, or are you thinking about getting one? Summer is coming!
15-Aug-2019 insurance
You call the insurance company after a big nor'easter or hurricane, with a tree sitting on your house, and they tell you that you ...
17-Feb-2017 rates
Yes, that’s right. Haikus. Like the ones you wrote for the much hated poetry projects in English class. These are the result of an...
14-Aug-2014 environment
Save on more than just your insurance with these energy tips.
12-Nov-2013 claims history
When writing insurance policies and homeowner policies in particular, agents are now required to obtain much more detailed informa...
26-Jun-2013 Additional Insured
An "Additional Insured" designation on a Homeowner's policy is used when someone who has a financial interest in the property does...
1-May-2013 house
Have you been asked to have your home inspected for a new insurance policy? Don't be alarmed. The primary reason is to make sure t...
14-Feb-2013 home
When you have a claim, an adjuster will help organize and quantify the payment of your claim. There are different kinds of adjuste...
13-Feb-2013 home
If you're reading this, then congratulations, you have power! If you aren't reading this, then you don't!
17-Jan-2013 home
Ice storms, snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes- oh my! These were just a few of the catastrophic weather events that Massachusetts...
10-Dec-2012 personal
Insurance is not an entity I’ve had any sort of contact with prior to this job, and if you don't work for insurance, then I don't ...

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