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What is an Additional Insured?

Learn what an additional insured is with homeowners insurance from andrew g gordon incAn "Additional Insured" designation on a Homeowner's policy is used when someone who has a financial interest in the property does not live at the residence. This could be an ex-spouse, relative, or deceased spouse (estate) who's name is still on the deed or mortgage. It provides that entity with coverage the Dwelling and Other Structures coverage as well as Personal Liability and Medical Payments in respects to the residence premises only.

Keep in mind that the person listed as an Additional Insured on the property would also be sharing the Personal Liability limits on the policy with the Named Insured/Policyholder. It would be wise, if possible, for the Additional Insured to also extend liability coverage from his/her own Homeowner's policy to the property that he/she owns but does not live at so that he/she has the full amount of Liability Coverage afforded under his/her policy.

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