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15-Apr-2014 registration
Many of our clients call us to let us know that they are getting a new car. At some point we’ll ask if they are trading in a car &...
25-Jul-2013 auto
Some of us are very familiar with cars driving out and about with broken headlights or brake lights (both of which are very danger...
1-Jul-2013 auto
Ever wish you had a low numbered license plate like T8 or V2? Enter the Massachusetts Plate Lottery for your big chance to win the...
25-Jan-2013 auto
I’m not sure if it is the price that MA dealers are charging for the vehicles they sell, the sales tax imposed on the vehicles by ...
19-Nov-2012 auto
We have all seen them. Sometimes they force a laugh; sometimes they tell a story. No matter what, license plates are something tha...
16-Sep-2012 auto
In Massachusetts, auto coverage follows an active plate. This means that agents cannot write a new auto policy or add a vehicle to...

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