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Vanity Plates in MA- "INFO4U"

We have all seen them. Sometimes they force a laugh; sometimes they tell a story. No matter what, license plates are something that some drivers do not leave up to chance.

These personally designed license plates are known as vanity plates. In Massachusetts, vanity plates are made available to nearly every type of vehicle (personal vehicle, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, etc.) Certain restrictions apply to these license plates, such as a six-character maximum (five-character max for motorcycles), and numbers and letters cannot be intermingled with each other. Example: The "INFO4U" sample license plate in this title would not be valid... oops.

If you choose to request vanity plates, just know that when you go to pick up your plates you will have to A) pay a fee, B) turn in your old plates, and C) provide a RMV-3 form that must be stamped by your insurance company.

Vanity plates can be fun. Whether you're trying to send a message or begin a conversation, discussing your unique license plate is always a good starter. **Disclaimer: I have no idea if it is a good starter. I'm assuming if people are gathered around your car then YES it's a good plan.**

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Making a bench is another way to be creative with license plates. Personally, I think ordering a vanity plate would be a lot easier, but that's just my opinion.

However, just know that if you get a vanity plate, you no longer are part of the crowd. That is, people can feel free to take a snapshot that may make it to the internet. If you Google "vanity plates," then some funny cars and plates come up. What if that were your car? Would you feel comfortable with people being able to look up your vehicle? Clever vanity plates also run a high risk of being stolen off the front of cars, and where would you be without your plate on your vehicle? The answer: a bad situation. When you draw attention to your vehicle, not all the attention is going to be good attention.

Be sure to consider all aspects of vanity plates before choosing, and if you have any other questions feel free to contact us! Learn more about auto insurance here.


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