Here are a few things that you can do if you've had damage at your home or business:

Contact a trusted service provider as soon as possible for damage mitigation. If you don't know who to call, try the providers whom we've worked with in the past, shown below.

If you have water in your basement, contact a remediation company (shown below) to get the water out as quickly as possible. Most of these companies typically rely on your power source to run vacuums and fans so this may be impossible to begin until power is restored.

Contact your insurance carrier directly. A list of claim numbers for most carriers appears here

Tree damage that penetrates the building should be secured as early as possible by a roofer or other qualified service provider.   

Tree removal when the tree does not strike your house (or outbuilding) is limited.  

Tree damage from one property into/onto another is not considered the fault of the person on whose property the tree stands (there are some exceptions, but this is the general rule). Whenever possible, it's best to work out equitable arrangement with neighbors such as "you do your side, I'll do mine."

Below is a list of service providers previously used by other Gordon Atlantic customers after a disaster. If there is clear damage to your home, take steps to reduce further it by getting trees removed and having temporary repairs completed as soon as possible to limit the extent of additional consequential damage (such as water damage).



If you have damage inside your house (for example, water damage from leaks in roof or pipe burst), we offer the following vetted companies to call for assistance.

Companies Name Contact Number Website Link
A.R.S. Restoration Specialists 617-969-1119
Able Restoration 781-335-0000
Bostonian Cleaning and Restoration 781-303-9813
Kennedy Carpet & Restoration 1-888-KENNEDY
Servicemaster by Gilmore 800-783-0552
Servicemaster of South Shore 781-536-7375
ServPro of Marshfield Rockland 781-834-7707
ServPro of Upper Cape and Islands 508-888-5985
Rytech 800-980-0112



Companies Name Contact Number Website Link
North River Tree Service 781-664-4412
Chris Glynn Tree 781-878-2304
Hansen Tree 781-871-4111
Bartlett Tree 781-829-9149
Top Notch Tree 781-871-8008
Newcomb Tree Service 781-294-1520


...and for another resource try Contractor Connection for a list of contractors vetted by the insurance industry, by specialty, right down to the zip code.

Companies Name Contact Number Website Link
Roofing by Devlin 781-545-2121 or
John Bean Roofing 781-878-3100
Sunrise Exterior LLC 508-584-7663
Alan Hurley Roofing 781-826-1601
Cycle Carpentry 781-412-3006
Able Restoration 781-335-0000
Fitzgerald Housesmith 781-659-4400 or
Buttonwood Renovations 781-771-8180
Mr. Handyman 508-465-2092

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