Our Mission: Gordon Atlantic Insurance is a family-oriented insurance business offering a quality workplace for employees, enduring customer relationships based on excellence and integrity in all our work, while maintaining deep ties to our community. We strive to make insurance make sense to through the best possible combination of advice, cost, and service to meet our customers' needs.


Gordon Atlantic is dedicated to making insurance make sense by focusing first and foremost on risk. Gordon Atlantic provides all lines of insurance to businesses and families throughout Massachusetts. The agency has been owned and operated by the same family for over 65 years. Stability, reliability, and competence are what you can expect from our friendly and experienced staff.

With an average experience of 15 years in the industry, our greatest strength shows when our employees help customers solve risk problems. Since every customer's needs are unique, our staff seeks to find the most economical solutions for personal requirements -  efficiently, professionally, and with a focus on keeping it simple for you. 

We understand that well-informed insurance consumers are smarter buyers. We gladly publish information pages on homeowners and auto insurance (the most common starting points for personal insurance programs) for coverage summaries, checklists, and obligation-free quotes.   Similarly, our commercial risk content and blogs provide actionable information for business owners to make informed risk decisions.

If you would like to see more, or different information on this web site, please contact us. We strive to make doing business with our office simple and economical, and hope you find a relationship with Gordon Atlantic Insurance to be helpful and pleasant.


Note:  On "a quality workplace for our employees", we recognize that while change is difficult for some, it is critical for business success today.    EQ, or emotional IQ provides the basis for handling change, as well as understanding ourselves and our customers.   IQ is static - you get what you get - while EQ can be improved with practice. A strong EQ assists with upward mobility and career development as well.   High EQ among our staff has prompted the greatest boost in our business of any single training initiative.  Check it out for your organization.

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