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7-Feb-2017 damage
Have you considered damage to the frame of your car after a collision? It may surprise you to know that most cars today don’t actu...
12-Sep-2012 house
I recently hired a roofing contractor to replace my house shingles. Although we do have a page for insurance resources, I thought ...
13-Apr-2012 house
If there’s a fire in your home and only one room is damaged, insurance should pay for its repair or replacement. What happens when...
21-Feb-2012 repair
Many people with insurance have good, reliable used vehicles that they depend on every day. There comes a time, however, when a de...
20-Oct-2011 repair
With the arrival of fall, the leaves will turn, the beaches will be abandoned, and the night air will become dry and chilly. What ...
19-Sep-2011 damage
Now that Hurricane Irene is behind us, having left in its wake numerous claims for damage to property, perhaps it is timely to giv...

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