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Hurricane Recovery: Cleaning the Wake of Irene

Now that Hurricane Irene is behind us, having left in its wake numerous claims for damage to property, perhaps it is timely to give some advice to homeowners who are recovering from damage to their homes. 

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When there is damage sustained at the residence, we always recommend that people do what they can to help the circumstances.  If a tree has landed on the structure, we advise that steps should be taken to prevent potential weather damage, such as placing a tarp over the affected area.  Stay up to date on post hurricane information with battery-operated radios; you never know how long the power may be out. Try to remove moisture from the home, dehumidifiers, cat litter, and fans all absorb and dry well. Check websites either when power returns, if it is lost, at a friend or relatives house, or at a nearby library for recovery tips.

Before the Storm

Damage prevention is ideal. If residents have large deck or patio areas, we recommend bringing in outdoor furniture when possible and removing loose items from both in-ground and above-ground pool surroundings.  With the recent power outages affecting so many towns during Irene, we would also recommend not making large food purchases when storms are in the forecast.  In the event of lightning strikes, we advise that all electronics be shut off when possible.  Make sure that all windows are shut and locked to prevent internal damage. It helps to take photos of inventory and the home I case a claim is necessary.


Hopefully, some of these recommendations may prove to be helpful in preventing additional damage. Remember to keep an ear open to news and neighbors for storm warnings and prevention advice, and check out our website for any questions about your insurance needs!

Donna Bellavance

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