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23-Oct-2014 Sue Bird

Renewing Plates on a Leased Vehicle

Make_sure_you_have_license_plate_lights_and_auto_insurance_from_Andrew_G_Gordon_Inc-1If you lease a vehicle, remember that you are not the registered owner.  This can be problematic sometimes when you need to renew your registration or swap plates. When your registration comes up for renewal, the Registry will mail the renewal offer  (RMV2) to the leasing company since they are the registered owners.  The leasing company will then (hopefully) sign as the registered owner on the back of the RMV2 and forward the form to the lessee to process at the Registry.  This should be done in person so that you receive the renewed registration immediately whereas if you were to mail it to the Registry to be processed, it would be mailed back to the leasing company.

We’ve had some clients that never received the signed RMV2 form from the leasing company.  If this happens, then you should obtain an RMV3 form from your insurance agent and an original Power of Attorney from your leasing company giving you authorization to sign the RMV3 form and process the renewal at the Registry.  You will also need a Power of Attorney form from your leasing company when, for example, you want to swap from a regular plate to special, vanity or reserved plate; then, contact your agent to get the necessary Registry documents.

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