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    Desk Yoga

    Posted by Donna Bellavance

    Wed, Jul 02, 2014 @ 09:53 AM

    Keep yourself healthy at your desk with chair yoga exercises and personal from andrew gordon inc insurance norwell maThose of us who have office positions that keep us seated at our desks and hunched over our computers for the majority of the day often have tight, sore muscles that lead to tension headaches and neck pain by the end of the workday. Employees that are subject to these long hours of a sedentary work situation may look to some avenues for stress reduction during the day.

    Some suggestions to try might be various types of yoga exercises done while seated at your desk. 

    While seated at the front edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor and knees directly over your ankles, you could try neck rolls by gently dropping your head forward and rolling from side to side.  You could also try shoulder rolls by gently lifting your shoulders and rotating them backwards in slow circular motions.  Repeat a few times and then reverse the motion. One more exercise to try is moving your arms behind you until you can hold onto the back of your chair.  You should keep your elbows straight and adjust the height of your hands until you feel a good stretch in your chest, arms and shoulders.

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    Insurance for Working From Home

    Posted by Donna Bellavance

    Sat, May 17, 2014 @ 04:20 PM

    describe the imageHomeowner policies are “personal lines” policies and by their very nature are not intended to cover “commercial” exposures.  However, considering the current times and technology that is available, some insureds find themselves setting up home offices. 

    If an insured works for a company and has an office to go to but sets up a part-time home office within the home for processing of paperwork, making telephone calls, etc. or has a part-time business at the home with no foot traffic then coverage can be provided by adding an incidental occupancy endorsement to the policy at a minimal cost if available through the homeowner carrier.  (Some carriers do not offer this endorsement)

    If, however, the insured sets up a home office in a DETACHED structure (such as a detached garage or outside shed) then not only does the incidental business occupancy endorsement need to be added but coverage for the detached structure must be purchased to cover the structure due to the business exposure.  Normally other structures are provided coverage at 10% of the dwelling limit provided by the policy but when there is a business exposure in the detached structure, the carriers exclude the automatic coverage for this detached structure and insureds need to buy back the coverage at the estimated rebuilding cost of the building.

    Lastly, if an insured has a full-time business at the home then he/she would actually need to purchase a commercial policy, known as a BOP or Package policy as this exposure is more than the incidental occupancy endorsement can cover.

    Learn more about home insurance here.

    INSURANCE QUESTION?    5 Things to Know: Home Insurance

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    Filing Taxes

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Mon, Mar 25, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

    File your taxes on time with andrew gordon inc insuranceNothing says "Welcome to the working world, Julia!" other than having to file taxes for the first time ever. How exciting.

    If you didn't already know, April 15th is the last day to get those individual federal tax returns filed- and you certainly want that done sooner rather than later. If something goes wrong, or the IRS doesn't receive your info, bad things can happen.

    If you haven't check out the How to Beat Procrastination blog, I suggest you do so with the goal being to finish those returns in time. And don't procrastinate doing your taxes by reading the blog and excusing yourself from doing them BECAUSE you were reading. There's only one loser in that situation, and that would be YOU.

    The tax forms that your employer should provide you give all the information necessary for you to file your tax forms. The rest is up to you. The forms are pretty quick and painless if you do them while you are alert and awake, as opposed to sleepy and groggy later on in the day. As soon as you finish, send them in. You certainly don't want this monster stuck with you, so ship it away as soon as possible. This way, you can resume your normal life and not have to worry or forget about filing.

    If you haven't already, a good idea is to start a folder with all your annual tax returns. Keeping all your information in one, secure place (the key word being "secure") allows you to find your information quickly if needed. This year my family went through the college process for the first time ever. One essential aspect of applying to college is financial aid (because college is SO expensive), and colleges require tax forms in order to determine need. Fortunately, my parents were all organized with their forms. This is a good thing, especially since my parents will have at least one kid in college for the next nine years.

    So don't wait any longer. It's almost April, and your forms will be due soon. For a complete timeline of federal tax returns, click here. If you desire some more motivation, imagine how sad you'll be when the spring weather finally arrives and you're stuck inside doing taxes. That'd be quite a shame.

    In the meantime, stop ignoring your insurance and stop paying too much for your policy! We'll quote you, absolutely free, if you just click any one of the buttons below.

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    Mac or PC?

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Thu, Nov 22, 2012 @ 06:00 PM

    The timeless question mac vs pc answered by andrew gordon inc insurance norwell maIt’s almost the holiday season and that can mean only one thing- presents. With high school seniors eagerly waiting acceptance letters and college kids returning for the break, technology is going to be a "must-have." Students flock to Best Buy, the Apple Store, and the internet for the best deal on the best computer. Many people choose different sides of the argument as if they are picking team Jacob or Edward (ok, maybe it’s more like Coke vs. Pepsi). You’re either a Mac or a PC person (remember that ad a few years back?) So, what’s the big fuss about?

    PC (Windows)

    Windows operating systems have been a staple in home and business computers for decades. No one can deny the plentitude of options and variations allows for a custom computer how you want it. Most programs and institutions have their base in PCs, meaning if you have one, you’re probably already compatible. The operating system for Windows is not the issue. Windows 7 is a fine tool and excellent to work with. Now with the launch of Windows 8, there are more options for everyone. However, the most common problem for PCs are the hardware. Dell, Acer, Lenovo, etc. all make the computers that run windows, and most of the problems come with design flaws and issues within these machines.

    Decide mac or pc for your personal insurance with andrew gordon inc norwell ma


    Don’t go based on looks. These computers perform very well at a lot of tasks. Options and configurations aren’t as plentiful as the PC counterpart; however, the two have been coming together in the compatible programs and documents department. No doubt, technology is moving to the cloud. Apple utilizes this feature and has made their products integrated with the web base storage and sharing options. Not to mention the ease of use that is associated with Macs. Apple utilizes a vertical integration business model; meaning they own or operate all aspects of the computer build process, meaning if there is a problem, Apple can be held responsible to fix the issue. A major advantage of Mac computers is they can run a windows operating system like Windows at the same time as OS X, so you can literally get the best of both worlds.

    For more on the great debate: visit Intel’s, APC's, Popular Mechanic's, and Apple's pitch for the products. I use both PCs and Macs frequently; my personal preference is Mac for the reliability, speed, and overall appeal.

    Know mac or pc for your personal with andrew gordon inc insurance norwell maInsurance aspect

    There are pros and cons to both models of computer, and inherent risks to owning one. Computers are an investment, no matter which way you roll. Protect your investment and make sure that your new laptop is covered under the parent’s homeowner personal property coverage on the homeowner policy or sometimes there is a computer or electronics endorsement. If the student resides in an off-campus apartment, they may need to buy a renter’s policy as most insurers do not extend coverage to a rented apt from the parent policy. Take photographs and save the receipt of purchase in a safe place.

    Other protection

    See our previous blog about preventing theft in college for a comprehensive list of crime deterrent tips. What about those pictures from last year’s vacation and your sister’s wedding? Back up your files on an external hard drive, or send it to the cloud where even fire, flood, and theft can’t access it.

    Which one?

    So which one are you, blog reader? Are you subscribing to us on a Mac or a PC? Leave a comment below with your opinion.

    Learn about personal insurance here.


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