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File your taxes on time with andrew gordon inc insuranceNothing says "Welcome to the working world, Julia!" other than having to file taxes for the first time ever. How exciting.

If you didn't already know, April 15th is the last day to get those individual federal tax returns filed- and you certainly want that done sooner rather than later. If something goes wrong, or the IRS doesn't receive your info, bad things can happen.

If you haven't check out the How to Beat Procrastination blog, I suggest you do so with the goal being to finish those returns in time. And don't procrastinate doing your taxes by reading the blog and excusing yourself from doing them BECAUSE you were reading. There's only one loser in that situation, and that would be YOU.

The tax forms that your employer should provide you give all the information necessary for you to file your tax forms. The rest is up to you. The forms are pretty quick and painless if you do them while you are alert and awake, as opposed to sleepy and groggy later on in the day. As soon as you finish, send them in. You certainly don't want this monster stuck with you, so ship it away as soon as possible. This way, you can resume your normal life and not have to worry or forget about filing.

If you haven't already, a good idea is to start a folder with all your annual tax returns. Keeping all your information in one, secure place (the key word being "secure") allows you to find your information quickly if needed. This year my family went through the college process for the first time ever. One essential aspect of applying to college is financial aid (because college is SO expensive), and colleges require tax forms in order to determine need. Fortunately, my parents were all organized with their forms. This is a good thing, especially since my parents will have at least one kid in college for the next nine years.

So don't wait any longer. It's almost April, and your forms will be due soon. For a complete timeline of federal tax returns, click here. If you desire some more motivation, imagine how sad you'll be when the spring weather finally arrives and you're stuck inside doing taxes. That'd be quite a shame.

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