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5-Dec-2013 driving safety
Windows need defogging and defrosting? Don't worry; we've got you covered.
8-Oct-2013 safety tips
Having a flat tire is never a fun experience, but there are many things you can do both to prevent a flat from happening and also ...
10-Sep-2013 auto
Very often we get the questions, "Can I let Sally, my neighbor, drive my car if hers breaks down?" or "Do I have to list Johnny, m...
2-Sep-2013 DUI
Drunk driving. Something that injures and kills innocent people everyday. Something that can be prevented. Something that doesn't ...
8-Aug-2013 auto safety
This article is third in a series of three articles. For the first part, click here. For the second part, click here.
6-Aug-2013 auto safety
This article is second in a series of three articles. For the first part, click here.
2-Aug-2013 auto safety
According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are well over 2 million licensed drivers in the United States over 85 years...
19-Jul-2013 junior operators
I still remember when I took my permit test, sat through driver's education classes, and passed my road test. Although it seems li...
20-Jun-2013 auto
We all need to park our cars when we arrive at certain locations. This is fine at your own home or in your garage - nobody else is...
17-Apr-2013 safe driving
Seeing friendly driving is always such a nice change of pace. I can't tell you the number of times somebody has let me go in front...

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