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    A Homeowner Claim Scenario: A Break-In

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Fri, Feb 10, 2017 @ 12:53 PM

    You just pulled into your driveway, and you notice that the door has been kicked in.  What do you do?

    • DO NOT enter the house.
    • CONTACT the police.
    • WAIT for the police to arrive; they will need to make sure the burglar is not still in the house.
    • When it is safe to enter the house, take a walk around and see if anything is missing. It could take days before you discover all that is missing.
    • If you have pets, check on them to make sure they are safe.
    • MAKE a list of items that are missing, include an approximate value.  
    • MAKE a list of the damage that was done to the home.
    • Once you have your list(s) AND a copy of the police report, NOTIFY your agent or the insurance company directly. Use our site to find your carrier:
    • PROTECT the property from further damage. You must make reasonable and necessary repairs to the door, or door frame or both.
    • KEEP an accurate record of the repairs and all costs.
    • CHECK with your neighbors, did they see or hear anything.
    • A break-in can be very stressful. You feel violated that someone was in your home. How do you feel comfortable in your own home again?

    Maybe now is a good time to think of getting a burglar system installed that is monitored at a Central Station.  Not only will it give piece of mind, but most insurance companies will give a discount for a monitored central station alarm.

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    Home Security: Are You Prepared?

    Posted by Geoffrey Gordon

    Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 03:11 PM

    Over the past few months, about half a dozen break-ins have been reported to our office alone. Crow Point in Hingham was affected just last week. There is a trend; that much cannot be denied.

    What are they looking for?

    Prevent break ins and protect your home with homeowners and these security tips from Gordon Insurance Norwell MA

    Most of the robberies have consisted of easily snatched items. TV’s, laptops, iPods, and any other small, expensive electronic device are the top choices on the robber’s wish list.  

    How do they get in?

    The basic technique of robbers is to simply knock on the door. If someone answers, they ask if so-and-so is there, then apologize for coming to the wrong house. If this happens to you, copy down the plate number and call the police immediately. If nobody answers, they go around back and check all the doors, bulkheads, and windows, if not easily visible to the neighbors.

    Burglary Prevention

    Lock your house up. Seriously, lock every door, window, and other entrance to your home. Without basic locks, there is very little stopping burglars from entering. Don’t assume Fido alone will deter robbers. If your dog is a regular barker, neighbors may not take notice. Many houses are equip with an alarm system. Don’t hesitate to use it. If you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood, let the police and your fellow neighbors know. Check out our blog about car alarms in case of a break-in.

    Catching the Criminal

    Trail cameras are a great way to record activity in your yard (see all the animals that trot through), and can record any visitor, even the unwelcome ones. Based on the reviews we've looked at and my own experience with a Moultrie trail camera, I'd recommend the more expensive model for the best overall experience. When my Moultrie fails, I'll get this Bushnell:

    If you see any suspicious activity at all, notify the authorities right away. Be sure you’re protected in case of a robbery and get a quote for your home. Check us out at for insurance resources and useful information. Learn about personal insurance here.


    Geoff Gordon

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