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7-Jul-2014 summer
Summer is here and the Streets are Loud….
29-Apr-2014 motorcycle
Spring has sprung?? Well, not quite yet. Soon enough, the weather will be warmer, the sand will be cleaned from the roads, and it ...
22-Jul-2013 home
So far we've gone over how to utilize Gordon's eBooks, blogs, and whiteboard videos. That's very good and all, but let's finally t...
2-Jul-2012 auto
With the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having, there are more motorcycles than ever on the highways. Due to their relatively...
26-Oct-2011 safety
Although the arrival of fall has pushed many riders to put their bikes away, there are still a few motorcycles out on the roads. H...
6-Oct-2011 auto
You are minding the rules of the road when you get rear-ended; now the scattered fragments of your bumper are decorating the pavem...
5-Oct-2011 insurance
Although motorcycles are insured on a Personal Auto policy, there are key differences between insuring a car and a motorcycle. Cos...

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