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Stay safe while riding motorcyles this spring with vehicle insurance from andrew g gordon incIt's that time of year again. The grass is growing, the buds have burst out into full-fledged leaves, and motorcycles are on the roads again. As an avid motorcycle passenger myself, I am asking that everybody “check twice”. 

I know, we have all heard it and seen signs and bumper stickers. But we all really need to remember to practice that extra safety step. Please take your time and look twice (or maybe even three times) before you pull out or change lanes. It is very often hard to see something depending on your car’s blind spots, other traffic, or even something you have no control over like the bright sunshine. Most motorcycles travel with their lights on all the time which does help, but nothing is failsafe.

Also, while on the lookout for motorcycles, please be aware of bicycles on the road. Bicycles without a motor make less noise and can go even more unnoticed that motorcycles.

The weather is getting wonderful, more people are outside, so let’s try to keep everybody safe!

If you would like to get some free bumper stickers, click here. These stickers are free, so there's no reason you shouldn't get one for yourself, your family, and your friends to have. You can also order yard signs and help resonate the message even further by clicking here.

We would be glad to get you a quote. You can call us at 781-659-2262 or click the button below and someone will get back to you. We'll quote you for free; we just want you to have the most adequate insurance for your personal needs.

Let’s all have a fun and safe spring! Learn about motorcycle insurance here.

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