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7-Feb-2017 damage
Have you considered damage to the frame of your car after a collision? It may surprise you to know that most cars today don’t actu...
14-Jul-2014 damage
Everyone has seen a squirrel, bird, deer, or some sort of creature while driving. Here in Massachusetts, those are some of the mos...
6-Mar-2013 damage
This is a true story from one of my son’s friends who went to one of those “name your price” companies and “built his own” policy....
27-Feb-2013 damage
Now that Nemo has left its imprint on the area, we hope that all survived its destructive force and are on the road to normalcy. F...
25-Feb-2013 damage
Automobile airbags are certainly an essential part of our safety. Other than the visible compartment covers that are labeled “Airb...
13-Feb-2013 home
If you're reading this, then congratulations, you have power! If you aren't reading this, then you don't!
7-Jan-2013 damage
“To file or not to file a claim?” That is the question. But fear not, there is a surprising option to consider if you are involved...
24-Nov-2012 damage
Thunder and lightning aren’t so frightening- but they can be other things, like “annoying.” If you’ve ever experienced a power sur...
30-Oct-2012 home
A lot of us might be feeling some déjà vu after Sandy.
13-Sep-2012 damage
"But it isn’t summer anymore!"
27-Aug-2012 damage
At a friend’s house recently, most of our cars became victims of vandalism. No serious damage was done, just some windows written ...
9-Jul-2012 home
When was the last time you checked your washing machine hoses? If you’re like most, this is a task that is frequently overlooked. ...

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