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Vandalism: What to Do When it Happens to You

At a friend’s house recently, most of our cars became victims of vandalism. No serious damage was done, just some windows written on with car-safe window markers. The incident was more of a nuisance than a threat. However, this got me thinking; what should I do if my car was actually damaged by these people? There are a few steps involving your insurance company and the police.

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Call your agent, or look in your policy for specific steps on filing a claim about your car’s damage. Comprehensive coverage should cover vandalism, but you should check to make sure you are protected. While filing the claim, be sure to include all relevant information, location, time range, witnesses, etc.


Notify the police as soon as possible. When you file a report, the incident will be on record and can be helpful with litigation and insurance claims.


Save all documentation concerning the vandalism. Whether it be witness information, receipts for stolen items, etc. Saving documents on file can only help accelerate the claim process.


If a crucial part of your car was damaged, make sure to repair it immediately. Take note of all damage beforehand (keeping a disposable camera in your car is an excellent way to accomplish this) and save receipts of all repairs to be reimbursed.

So if you’ve been hit by local vandals, be sure to process your claim and file all reports in a timely manner to expedite the process. If you have any more questions about insurance, contact us or visit us at Learn more about personal insurance here


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