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Having a Car Accident in a Car That Isn't Yours!

Uh-oh, you just got into an accident.broken headlight To make matters worse, this isn’t your car- it’s your friend’s. Through some circumstance you ended up driving a car in which you aren’t listed as a driver- you may not even be covered by the same insurance company! What happens now?

A situation like this can be frightening. However, accidents can happen. In case this ever happens to you (hopefully, it won’t), then this information may prove valuable and can help you remain calm afterwards.

First of all, the insurance company for the involved vehicle would handle the claim and pay for damages and injuries. After all, unless you were stealing the car (from a friend? I should hope not…), then the friend must be aware of the risk of you having an accident.  Be warned, your policy could potentially come into play if the limits on your friend’s policy have been exhausted.

Secondly, and this is the part that you won’t like, your license and your policy will be affected. If you are more than 50% at-fault you will be surcharged.

In Massachusetts, a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report needs to be filed within five days if the crash occurred on public roadways, any person is injured, or damage is over $1,000. Section B of the report describes the vehicle you were driving. The driver, the insurance of the car, and the owner of the car are all listed under different categories. For the insurance company, list the insurance company for the car, not yours.

Finally, here are some tips to keep you safe on the road while driving an unfamiliar vehicle:

Avoid car accidents drive safely and cover your automobile with auto from andrew gordon inc insurance norwell ma-Make sure you know and understand all the controls to the car

-Test the car brakes; odds are they feel different than the ones in your own car

-Check out the steering wheel; some cars turn more smoothly than others

-Whenever you’re driving, be sure to have the proper paperwork in the car (current registration, valid inspection sticker)

-As always, remember to drive cautiously (i.e. fully stopping, checking mirrors, etc.)

Accidents can be avoided, and it would be a shame to taint a friendship by crashing a friend’s car. On the off chance it happens, now you know what affects whom. Safe driving!

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