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    Green Discounts

    Posted by Donna Bellavance

    Tue, Jun 18, 2013 @ 09:03 AM

    Get discounts on your home and auto insurance with Andrew G Gordon incMore and more carriers are now offering “green” discounts to customers who request that everything related to their policies (renewals, bills, endorsements, etc.) be sent to them electronically. Two of our largest auto and home carriers (Plymouth Rock / Bunker Hill and Commerce / Citation) provide this discount.

    To register for Commerce’s program, you must go to as soon as you receive your first bill. Once you login, select “Create an account”. You then input your  policy number, name exactly as it appears on the policy/bill (utilizing all capital letters), and zip code. A password will then need to be entered.

    To register for the Plymouth Rock / Bunker Hill program, you must go to, select the customer and e-services tab at the top, then select the e-services & mobile web tab on the left, and click on the “sign up” link in the body of the text.  You will need to provide a login and password.

    When you register with either site, they should notify our agency so that we may ensure that the appropriate credit is applied to your policy.

    Top 5 Home Discounts Top 5 Auto  Discounts

    Donna Bellavance

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    How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: eBooks

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Thu, Jun 13, 2013 @ 08:26 AM

    As the social media and web engineer at Gordon Insurance, I know basically everything there is to know about this website. I know the layout of this website, I know the content of this website, and I know how this website interacts with our live staff. I can see it all.

    Now, this is good for me. But maybe you don't know how to "Get the Most out of Gordon", and that poses a problem. So I decided to make a series of blogs to explain how to use our website to your full advantage.

    This first blog is about something I have been updating quite recently, and I'm sure it's something you will enjoy. If you haven't visited Our Free eBooks page, you definitely should. And here's why:

    • top-notch quality insurance information available to you
    • our eBooks are free
    • we are constantly updating the eBooks we offer
    • all it requires is an email address- no commitment or long, strenuous form

    Our eBooks tell you a lot of things that may surprise you. You can learn new information about home insurance, auto insurance, and many other things. One of our most popular downloads is a Teen Driver Kit- a download that includes information about texting laws, jump-starting a car, and even a contract between the parent and the driver.

    Below is a screenshot of the Gordon Insurance home page: As you can see, I've added a red arrow to show you where the Our Free eBooks page is on the side menu. It's simple enough to find, and the side menu is full of other little insurance gems (to be discussed in future "How to Get the Most out of Gordon" blogs).

    Use Andrew G Gordon Inc Insurances free ebooks

    Downloads like these are always helpful, never harmful. And since these downloads are right at your fingertips, why not take advantage of them? Sometimes it's easier to read new information about insurance, rather than listen to an agent speak to you over the phone.

    Don't forget about our eBooks! We make them for you only for your benefit. There is insurance information all over the internet, make sure the stuff you read is correct and relevant to you. With Gordon Insurance, you already know that it is.

    See our complete set of free eBooks here!

    Driving with Insurance in Mind eBook Investment Properties &  Insurance eBook Coastal Insurance  eBook

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    The Biggest Insurance Discount: Bundling Your Policies Together

    Posted by Val Feeney

    Wed, Feb 06, 2013 @ 09:04 AM

    Trying to save money on your insurance?

    Bundle your home insurance for discounts with andrew gordon inc
    Bundle your car insurance for discounts with andrew gordon inc
    Bundle your life insurance for discounts with andrew gordon inc

    The best way to lower your insurance costs is by placing both your home & auto policies with the same insurance company. Insurance companies offer “multi-line” discounts of up to 20% to attract the customers who will place more than one policy with them. These discounts allow the insurance company to charge significantly less for your home & auto together than compared to insuring the policies separately at more than one company.   

    Chances are, when you bought your first auto policy, you used the same insurance company as your parents or siblings. You may have since changed it to another insurance company through a savings offer, but have never made a conscious decision to choose one company over another. 

    The same scenario is common among homeowners. When buying a home, the first time buyer often gets insurance through whichever company the bank or broker recommends, or uses the same as their parents or friends.  But rates are different for different kinds of homes.  Since the insurance is often paid through the mortgage after the first year, the new homeowner never shops for better insurance options after the initial purchase.  The insurance market is so dynamic, it's really valuable to have your agent shop your program periodically.  Id if they aren't bundling the home and the auto, you may be leaving money on the table.

    The customer has separate insurance policies, each with a different company, resulting in three separate insurance bills each month. This is a sure fire way to pay the most for insurance. 

    Today insurance companies use multi-tiered rating algorithms with all kinds of separate charges and credits for particular variables to achieve unique rates for every customer.   (For more on the math behind insurance company rating, see our separate blog).

    But for most people the biggest single discount is the "account discount" when the home (or apartment insurance) is bundled with auto insurance.  Credits apply both ways, meaning these credits lower the cost of BOTH the auto insurance and the homeowners insurance.

    One exception to this general rule of thumb is for homes near the coast.  Coastal home insurance carries all kinds of unique challenges (which we are quite familiar with and capable of addressing), but these variables may be the only time when home-plus-auto discounts don't trump everything else.

    Contact us here at Gordon Atlantic Insurance, or talk to your own local independent agent today to have your home, auto, and life insurance quoted together with several companies. This will give you the chance to review your options, which will most likely be significantly lower in cost.  Also, if a life altering event takes place and you need to use the insurance, the claim process will be simplified with only one insurance company in the mix.

    If you would like to see if bundling can save you money, give us a call: 800-649-3252

    or fill out our online form by clicking here:

    Contact Us


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    What Do I Need to Know About Insurance? 5 Things

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Mon, Sep 10, 2012 @ 04:55 PM

    Insurance can be puzzling- the more you know, the better. As surprising as this may sound, insurance is not entirely about the price. Thus, we’ve created a list of things-to-know about insurance for your convenience.

    Learn everything you need to know about home auto life business insurance andrew gordon inc norwell ma

    1. Amount of coverage

    What do you want to protect? That’s the overall question for deciding the amount of coverage you need.  The best advice we can offer you is for you to think about all the things that could potentially happen. Or consult a professional agent who will ask lots of questions to uncover areas you need to pay special attention.  Although you might want to push these thoughts to the side (i.e. “that could never happen to me!”), someone has to think of these situations. Nobody plans for a car accident or a guest being injured at his/her house, yet these sorts of things happen all the time.  A good way to cover a lot of these is by running down a prepared list such as this checklist for your homeowners insurance.

    2. Risk level

    The amount of risk you take sometimes depends on one aspect of your life: money. If you have available money, then choosing a policy with high deductibles is probably the best option for you. Remember, “Insure only what you can’t afford to lose.”

    Obviously, this part of our list is also going to discuss risk. Some policies cover more than other policies do, so be informed on what risks you can afford to take, as well as what is the cost of transferring that risk (via insurance)? An example of this is would be a dog with a biting history. The only company that will offer coverage after a dog has bitten someone (resulting in an insurance claim) is the Massachusetts Fair Plan (MPIUA). But they might do so with a $25,000 limit of liability for dog bites. So you have to ask, is the dog worth that much to me that if he/she bites someone and it results in a $100,000 claim (we’ve had one here that exceeded that, and not even from a dog ‘on the list’), are you prepared to pony up the next $75,000? Make sure you know what is covered on your policy, and be careful with what chances you take where insurance doesn’t go.

    3. Insurance company

    People often assume that the insurance company will be able to handle anything and everything- you should never assume. If the company goes under, or even if the company stays around but has poor finances, then you won’t get what you need. The best way to make sure that your company will be able to provide for you is to check a credit rating agency. We recommend A.M. Best Company for this. Other credit rating agencies include Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s.

    4. Discounts

    Everybody loves saving money; discounts can be available all around you, and you might not even know it!   For a list of most prevalent auto insurance discounts, click our video and list

    Account discounts, where you have two lines or more (such as home and auto), are often the most compelling.

    Always ask your agent questions, he/she is there is serve YOU.  If they are not helpful, just contact us.

    5. When do I need to look at new insurance?

    Certain life changes will cause you to look at new insurance.  These changes include:

    -Starting a new business

    -Buying an additional home

    -Adding a driver to the auto policy

    -Changing jobs (especially if you leave a rich benefits plan for a bare bones benefits employer)

    -Volunteer work (such as serving on the board of a non-profit organization)

    This list just helps prove a very important point: insurance is not only about the price. For a few extra dollars, you can have all sorts of things protected.   Think back to the dog example- imagine how expensive it would be to defend a bad dog bite without insurance! When it comes to insurance, price is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

    If you have any questions about insurance, contact us. For quotes, click here. We are dedicated to getting you the best insurance possible for you and your needs. Learn more about personal insurance here.


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    Give Me a "Brake:" A Teen Driver Story

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Thu, Apr 05, 2012 @ 05:44 PM

    Drive safely and be prepared in case of a crash with auto from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MAIn the final week of my sophomore year, I achieved my yearlong dream of obtaining a driver's license. I was going to use my father’s old 1999 Chevrolet S-10 pick-up truck. This car had all the amenities a teenager could want: it wouldn’t start in the rain, the seat would only adjust with the help of pliers, and solid chunks of black foam would fly out when the air conditioning was turned on. Although I was just thrilled to have something to drive, there was one serious flaw I did not notice until my 4th day of driving alone.

    After the last day of school, I was following my friend to his house on the other side of town. About half way there we passed the center of Norwell and turned on to ­­­­­­Central Street. Everything was going fine until we started going downhill. I hit the brakes to slow down… nothing happened. Not entirely true; actually, the brake light came on. Excellent timing, huh?

    Despite my fears of crashing or getting pulled over, I made it to my friend’s house. I was able to pump my brakes and slow down some from that. It helped that there were no intersections and the way to his house was all right turns.

    When I was finally able to park on my friend's hill, my Dad came and brought the truck to a repair shop, Bruce’s Auto. I apparently had 2 popped brake lines. Thankfully, I did not crash and my car turned out fine.  A few months later, we did sell the truck. Sometimes I take a break (pun intended) and I stop (pun still intended) to think about the old S-10.

    Anything can happen on the road, especially when you’re least expecting it. Check us out at for new driver auto insurance resources such as our teen driver kit. It never hurts to be prepared. Learn more about auto insurance here

      Teen Driver Kit  

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    Four Possible New Driver Discounts

    Posted by Sue Bird

    Wed, Nov 16, 2011 @ 05:45 PM

    If you have an in-experienced driver (0-6 years of experience) and are looking for ways to save money on your auto insurance, then here are a few things to consider:

    1. Be aware of the possible discounts your new teen driver may be eligible for with auto from Gordon Insurance Norwell MADriver’s Education – this qualifies your child for a lower rate by applying a different Driver Classification versus a driver without Driver’s Ed.  I am always surprised when I come across a driver that has not taken Drivers Education.  Sadly, in this economy, this is happening a little more often and then the child is not given the proper tools/training for driving safely.
    2. Advanced Driver Training – Usually a 5% reduction with the companies that offer this discount for completing a course with programs such as In Control or Driving School.
    3. Good Student – A 10-15% reduction if your child is maintaining a B average or higher.
    4. Student Away at School – A 5-15% reduction if your child is attending a school over 100 miles from home and does not have access to a car.

    The above discounts, other than Driver’s Education, are not offered by all companies, the discounts vary depending on the company and the discounts are off certain coverage for the vehicle that the child is rated on. Contact us for any questions about our discounts and check out our website for other new driver insurance resources.

    INSURANCE QUESTION? Teen Driver Kit  

    Susan Bird

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    Steer Your Way to Teen Auto Insurance Discounts

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Sat, Oct 01, 2011 @ 09:41 PM

    Cover your new teen driver with discounts and auto insurance from Andrew Gordon IncInsuring your newly licensed teen or a driver with less than 6 years driving history is an eye (and wallet) opening experience. The facts are simple- insurance premiums are calculated based many variables including risk and claims statistics. Simply put, less experienced drivers are at a much greater risk to have an at fault accident than drivers with a few years behind their seat belt. In fact, 42% of newly licensed drivers have an accident within 12 months of licensing.

    The good news is there are ways to minimize the cost by taking advantage of driver discounts available for less experienced drivers.

    Potential Discounts:

    • Let's start with good grades. If your child earns 3.0 or honor roll status then he or she may be eligible for a discount. Why? Insurers review claims and find higher achieving students have fewer accidents so they factor this into the pricing.
    • Does your child attend school more than 100 miles from your home? Do they leave all cars at home? If so, your student may be eligible for a discount because he or she will not have regular access to a vehicle. The beauty of this discount is that your child may drive when they return home on breaks or vacation.
    • Has your child taken an advanced driver training course such as InControl driver training? This certificate can also earn a discount with many insurance carriers.
    • Consider raising your collision deductible to $1000. This minimizes premium particularly when younger drivers are insured on the policy. A word to the wise- you may want to add to your household emergency fund in the event there is a claim. 
    • If you insure an older model vehicle for your child, you may want to drop collision coverage. Since you receive actual cash value for total losses, typically, the premium outlay with a teen driver does not justify continuing the collision coverage on an older vehicle.
    • If you are looking at reducing coverage, steer clear of minimizing part 5- optional bodily injury liability coverage. This is the coverage that protects you and your child if you are sued due to an at fault accident. Even if your child has no appreciable assets now,  future wages can be garnished in a successful lawsuit.

    Other ways to save premium on your policies with or without teen drivers include:

    • Packaging your policies with the same independent insurance agent, including
    • Insuring home and auto with the same company
    • AAA or roadside assistance membership discounts
    • Low mileage- this can vary by company so be sure to tell your agent your average miles per year
    • Vehicle recovery systems
    • Payment plan discounts- some companies offer discounts if you pay in full.
    • E-Documents- if you elect to receive your policy billing and policy by email- there are discounts offered.
    Keep us posted if you have a freshly issued MA operator's license in your household. Our agency, can offer solutions to keep the premiums low with comprehensive coverages.
    Learn more about new driver resources here.
      Teen Driver Kit

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    Insure a Teenager: How to Add Your Teen to Your Insurance

    Posted by Val Feeney

    Fri, Sep 30, 2011 @ 05:01 PM

    Cover your automobile and new teenage driver with auto from Gordon InsuranceThe day you have dreaded, as a parent, has finally arrived; your teenager has passed their driver’s license exam and is now able to drive a car legally in your state.  Now what?  Well, the teen driver has to be insured.

    The Problem with Teen Insurance

    Adding your teen driver to your auto policy can be expensive.  The reason is because statistics show that 42% of first year drivers have an accident in their first year of driving. 

    Steps to Add Your Teen

    You should contact your insurance agent (that's us!) and ask them to quote your teenager with your current auto policy. They will take the teen’s name, date of birth, address, AAA membership number (if applicable) and quote them with the vehicles that you own. The teen will automatically be rated as an inexperienced driver (Step 0 in Massachusetts) under the more expensive vehicle on your policy. If you have purchased a vehicle for the teenager, he/she can be listed as the principal driver on that vehicle and then be listed as an occasional driver on the other vehicles, keeping the premium to a minimum. 


    The teen may be available for discounts if he or she:

    • Took a driver’s education course

    • Participated in an advanced driver training class

    • Is a good student and maintains a B+ average or better

    Talk to Your Teen

    It is wise to sit your new teen driver down before they receive the keys to go over driver safety and the junior operator laws they must follow.  We also advise you to go over the New Driver Parent Contract we have created here at Gordon Insurance.

    If you have any questions, contact us here at Gordon Insurance and we will be glad to speak with you regarding your new teen driver.

    Learn more about your auto insurance options here. For more information for parents and new drivers, click here.  

      Teen Driver Kit  

    Val Feeney

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