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How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: eBooks

As the social media and web engineer at Gordon Insurance, I know basically everything there is to know about this website. I know the layout of this website, I know the content of this website, and I know how this website interacts with our live staff. I can see it all.

Now, this is good for me. But maybe you don't know how to "Get the Most out of Gordon", and that poses a problem. So I decided to make a series of blogs to explain how to use our website to your full advantage.

This first blog is about something I have been updating quite recently, and I'm sure it's something you will enjoy. If you haven't visited Our Free eBooks page, you definitely should. And here's why:

  • top-notch quality insurance information available to you
  • our eBooks are free
  • we are constantly updating the eBooks we offer
  • all it requires is an email address- no commitment or long, strenuous form

Our eBooks tell you a lot of things that may surprise you. You can learn new information about home insurance, auto insurance, and many other things. One of our most popular downloads is a Teen Driver Kit- a download that includes information about texting laws, jump-starting a car, and even a contract between the parent and the driver.

Below is a screenshot of the Gordon Insurance home page: As you can see, I've added a red arrow to show you where the Our Free eBooks page is on the side menu. It's simple enough to find, and the side menu is full of other little insurance gems (to be discussed in future "How to Get the Most out of Gordon" blogs).

Use Andrew G Gordon Inc Insurances free ebooks

Downloads like these are always helpful, never harmful. And since these downloads are right at your fingertips, why not take advantage of them? Sometimes it's easier to read new information about insurance, rather than listen to an agent speak to you over the phone.

Don't forget about our eBooks! We make them for you only for your benefit. There is insurance information all over the internet, make sure the stuff you read is correct and relevant to you. With Gordon Insurance, you already know that it is.

See our complete set of free eBooks here!

Driving with Insurance in Mind eBook Investment Properties &  Insurance eBook Coastal Insurance  eBook

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