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19-Sep-2019 personal
In the aftermath of Dorian, the question remains: what makes a storm a hurricane?
21-Jun-2013 tropical
As of June 1, we have officially entered Hurricane Season, and we won’t be out of it until November 30, so there are a few things ...
27-Feb-2013 damage
Now that Nemo has left its imprint on the area, we hope that all survived its destructive force and are on the road to normalcy. F...
21-Dec-2012 hurricane
Insurance carriers provide their agents with binding authority for the various lines of insurance written by the agents through th...
30-Oct-2012 home
A lot of us might be feeling some déjà vu after Sandy.
28-Jun-2012 home
Hurricane Debby’s damage to Florida is a reminder that hurricane season is here; it’s time for all of us who lie in a potential hu...
19-Sep-2011 damage
Now that Hurricane Irene is behind us, having left in its wake numerous claims for damage to property, perhaps it is timely to giv...
9-Sep-2011 home
Last month, Hurricane Irene swept across the east coast of the United States with gale force winds and flooding tropical rains. Li...
28-Aug-2011 home
Hurricane Irene is on her way out this afternoon, while certain thoughts of clarity are fresh. The concepts and new understanding ...

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