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Hurricane Season 2012: Be Prepared

Hurricane Debby’s damage to Florida is a reminder that hurricane season is here; it’s time for all of us who lie in a potential hurricane path to be ready and get prepared. That means get ready for the worst storm before hand, know what to do during the hurricane, and be on top of dealing with the aftermath.

Before the Storm


Never get caught “up a creek without a paddle” as some might say. Be ready for the worst case scenario storm.

Know what to do with you and your family should disaster strike. This includes having a pre planned evacuation route, how to shut off utilities, having extra fuel. A pet plan is necessity if you want to protect Fido. (see our blog about pet plans).

We provide a free checklist prepared by our in-house insurance experts. Any checklist you find will be a blessing if you follow it.

  • Prepare a survival kit

Canned food, FIRST AID KIT, portable radio, clothing: our checklist has a more comprehensive list

During a Hurricane

The key word here is stay safe. Don’t adventure outside until the storm is long gone.


Listen for any flood warnings and other public service announcements, follow suggestions. One of the best things you can do if your home has suffered damage is to make the temporary repairs necessary (take pictures of damage for evidence.) Your policy probably requires this anyway and costs should be covered. Make your claim as soon as possible as well. If you have questions on your policy, contact us and we’ll make sure you’re prepared to be covered.

Keep your home dry and prevent mold from taking hold.

And for more info on Hurricane season 2012:


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