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    Hurricane Defined for Insurance

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Thu, Sep 19, 2019 @ 01:06 PM

    Prepare yourself for storms with hurricane insurance from andrew gordon incIn the aftermath of Dorian, the question remains: what makes a storm a hurricane?

    The answer to this question is a significant indicator as to how claims are handled by insurance carriers.

    So, let us determine what constitutes a hurricane.  Here are some of the conditions that must be met:

    1) Low pressure system.

    2) Warm temperatures over the ocean.

    3) Moist environment (precipitation).

    4) Tropical wind patterns over the equator.

    Once these conditions are met, a hurricane must have sustained winds of 74 miles per hour or more. The eye of the storm is usually 20 to 30 miles wide and the storm itself may extend up to 400 miles across. The inherent dangers of this type of storm are torrential rains, high winds and tidal surges (super high tides). A hurricane can last for two weeks or more over open water and run a path the length of the Eastern seaboard, from the Caribbean to Nova Scotia.

    What caused of Hurricane Dorian to stall over the Bahamas?

    When a hurricane moves, the time spent in any particular area is limited.  But when it stalls, as Dorian did over Great Abaco for over 36 hours, the devastation continues. The damge Hurricane Harvey caused in Houston was not so much the wind, but the 52" of rain that fell in 48 hours after Harvey's landfall.  Hurricanes break apart, or move, when upper level air, the air above the hurricane's most violent force, prevents storm air from rising.  Strong air movement above the hurricane creates shear, disrupting the pattern of spinning storm.  We like upper atmospheric shear on a hurricane.  Similarly, continental high pressure from land (westerly) also pushes hurricanes out to sea limiting damage to homes and businesses.  We also like high pressure from the west, southwest or northwest.  

    On average, 100 tropical storms develop each year between May and November over the Atlantic Ocean.  Only six eventually develop into hurricanes and of these six, two are likely to strike the coast of the United States. The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30 of each year, with the most active time being from mid-August through mid-October.  The winter hurricane threat is virtually non-existent.

    For homeowners living near the coast, having wind or named storm deductibles is common.  For more about these - and which is the better among evils - visit our Named Storm vs. Windstorm deductibles page

    If you have any other insurance questions, please contact us here at Gordon Atlantic Insurance. We'll help you understand any confusing definitions or tricky aspects of insurance.  We make insurance make sense.

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    On-line Banking

    Posted by Sue Bird

    Wed, Sep 04, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

    Pay for your personal home auto life insurance online with Andrew G Gordon IncIf you participate in on-line banking and have set up your policies to be paid by your bank, you need to pay special attention to notices from your insurance company of any policy #, remittance address or premium changes. Additionally, be sure to allow enough time for your payment to reach its destination. Not all insurance companies receive payments electronically and are mailed to the company.

    We often see remittance addresses changing in our industry and on a less frequent basis, we see the policy #'s changing which is usually due to system conversion at the company. You should review your policy each time it renews or any time you make a change to the policy as the price will change and you will need to adjust your payment amounts on your on-line banking account.

    The easiest way to avoid a late payment for any of the reasons above is to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer so that your payments are just withdrawn automatically. This way, you usually avoid installment fees and your payments are spread over a longer period of time, thereby reducing the monthly installment amounts.

    Learn more about personal insurance here.


    Susan Bird

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    How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: Blogs

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Mon, Jun 24, 2013 @ 11:38 AM

    If you are reading this, then you are looking at one of the many blog posts at the Gordon Insurance website. Congrats! Perhaps you found us through Facebook or Twitter, or clicked something on the webpage by mistake. No matter, you're here now, and this is how to get the most out of Gordon Insurance blogs.

    You might be asking yourself why we even bother with an insurance blog? Who reads about insurance in their free time, am I right? Well, you'd be surprised. Since everybody has to have some form of insurance, whether it's home, auto, or life, many people have questions about insurance. And where do they go to find the answers to their questions? To our site.

    Since we update our blog so often, roughly three-five times a week, we have a lot of new and up-to-date content for you. Here's how to find our blogs. That's right. Blogs. With an 's'. If you really want to get the most out of Gordon Insurance, you can always read about things other than insurance. (We aren't boring people- we have other interests too!)

    Here's how to get the most out of our blogs:

    1. Go to Blog Directory

    Read Andrew G Gordon blogs for insurance info

    2. Decide which blog you'd like to read.

    We currently have six different blogs: Our Personal Insurance Blog (most frequently updated), Commercial Insurance Blog (for businesses and whatnot), New to Massachusetts Blog (for people who are new to the area), Gordon Book Review, Gordon Travel Blog, and Gordon Recipe Blog. Click on the links on the side bar or on the main screen.

    Blog Menu

    3. Read a blog!

    In the example below, using our lovely The Simple Math Behind Insurance blog, we notice a couple of things the blogs offer. At the very top of each blog post and every blog page is a menu (located in the blue box). Simply click this to view a full list of every blog that's ever been published under that category... EVER! In the black box we see a list of the ten most recent blog posts, again, by category. And in the red box below we have an option of subscribing to our blog. Simply provide your email, and we'll provide the rest. That way, you never miss out on new info.

    Blog ExampleEvery now and then people find themselves reading our blog, and they aren't quite sure what it is. It's not a page on our website, it's a useful resource that is constantly being updated. Whether you want to learn about insurance, read some safety tips, or want a new recipe for your holiday party, the Gordon Insurance blog is always going to be there for you.

    Some of our most popular blog posts are linked below. Click and read away!



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    Redefining Risk

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

    Learn about risk with andrew gordon inc insuranceRisk. Danger. Peril. Hazard. These words certainly do not have the best connotations. In fact, it's next to impossible to use these words to express something positive. After all, risk is a possibility of loss.

    Did you know that every single action you do carries some form of risk? Whether it's walking up the stairs, folding some laundry, or eating a bite of that delicious ice cream sundae (see right), each and every action has some possible form of risk.

    Severity of Risk

    Ok, so the examples above are pretty mild when it comes to risk. If you are an optimist, I encourage you to think of the positives. If you are a pessimist, try not to get too paranoid. But here are several outcomes that can happen when walking up the stairs:

       1. You walk up the stairs safely with no issue.

       2. You stub your toe on the steps. (Ouch!)

       3. You trip and fall up the stairs, embarrassed and slightly injured.

       4. You fall backwards and break something important (like an arm).

    Ok, so we only have four of any number of possible outcomes that can occur while walking up the stairs. While, if you walk up stairs often, the first outcome is the most likely (let's say 99% of the time), you cannot ignore the other 1% of possible outcomes.

    Likelihood of Risk

    So now that you've opened your mind to some of the several possibilities that could happen to you when walking up the stairs, turn your attention to other things, like car accidents and hurricanes.

    If you are a licensed driver, how often do you drive? How good of a driver are you? How long is your commute, what type of roads do you drive on, and what type of drivers drive around you? All these (and more) are essential factors to determine your risk of driving on the road.

    We've all heard the statistics about car accidents, and in recent years storms have gotten a lot worse (Katrina, Sandy, Irene, etc.) causing billions of dollars worth of damage. Has that damage happened to you? No? Will it happen to you? Maybe.

    You can't predict when loss will occur. All you can do is know that you are always at risk. Will you live a risk-free life? The odds say that no, sometime in your life you will most definitely face loss. We don't know when that one (if it's only one) time will be. And depending on your lifestyle, you could be facing multiple instances of loss within a few years. You won't know until it happens.

    Reducing and Redefining Risk

    Here at Andrew G. Gordon, Inc., our job is risk management. We want to reduce the risk of your loss, and we have many ways for you to do so. For starters, we have a wide variety of checklists - (hurricane preparation, homeowner's) of steps for you to follow to reduce your loss. We also post a wide variety of blogs, which include several different safety tips and guides (ranging from pumpkin carving safety to motorcycle safety to skiing safety). For a more interactive experience, we also have our famous whiteboard videos.

    If you subscribe to our blog, watch a video every now and then, or check our website out once in a while, you are reducing your risk by educating yourself. However, to effectively reduce risk, what you learn must be put into action (i.e. actually stopping at a stop sign vs. knowing that you should stop at a stop sign).

    Unfortunately, risk can never be completely eliminated. However, reducing it to the smallest amount possible is by far the best option. By preparing, we redefine risk as something that even if it happens, there is minimal (if any) loss.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to click the button below to contact us directly. Learn more about personal insurance here.

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    Travel Insurance: Worth It?

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Jan 30, 2013 @ 09:09 AM

    Learn if travel insurance is worth it with andrew gordon incIt’s finally here!  The day you’ve been waiting and saving for!  You’re finally taking that long-awaited trip to the Caribbean. You’ve flown from Boston to Miami, boarded your ship and are on your way. The ship has cleared port and you are looking forward to a leisurely week of sun and relaxation.  However….for some reason, the butterflies you attributed to anticipation haven’t subsided and you’re beginning to worry. Once out on the open sea, it becomes apparent that something ‘isn’t quite right’.  A trip to the medical office confirms it – you’re having a heart attack! At sea! Since the ship has cleared port there is no turning back!  What to do now?  Arrangements are made for you to be put on a med-flight back to Miami where you spend the next two weeks in the hospital before being flown back to Boston.

    Could this happen?  Absolutely– this blog is based on an actual situation. In addition to the trauma of having a heart attack at sea and spending time in the hospital, what other difficulties arise from this type of situation and what could be done to alleviate them? 

    For instance: you’ve paid a hefty price for your trip which lasted only a few hours. Will you recoup your expense? The med-flight is expensive– will you be responsible for the bill? You were given medical attention on the ship– who pays that bill? What about your hospital stay? The special medical flight back to Boston– will you have to pay for it? Your baggage was ultimately returned to you, but there were additional costs there– is that another fee for you? These are just some of the problems that can face you– in addition to dealing with the heart attack that caused the problem in the first place.

    Did you purchase Travel Insurance?  Most, if not all of these expenses could be alleviated if you did. While there are some restrictions (i.e. you must purchase the insurance within 21 days of booking your trip, for one) coverage is quote broad. The cost is reasonable, but not inexpensive; however when weighing the cost versus the coverage, it is well worth the expense.

    Below is an example of the general overview of the coverage provided by the John Hancock Insurance Agency:

    Discover if trip insurance is worth it for your vacation with andrew gordon inc

    John Hancock Insurance Agency, underwritten by the Old Republic Insurance Company, is just one company that deals with travel insurance. If you've saved up your money to go on this fantastic trip, make sure you save a little more in case something goes wrong. It happens more often than you would think.

    If you have any other questions about any type of insurance, feel free to contact us by clicking the button below. Learn more about personal insurance here.



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    A Car Accident Story

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Mon, Jan 28, 2013 @ 08:37 AM

    Drive safely in the winter and snow with your automobile covered by auto insurance Andrew gordon incI was in a car accident pretty recently. A lot of snow had fallen, school had not been delayed, and the roads had not been plowed in the slightest. Not even Main Street, the street that runs through the very heart of our town. To make matters worse, I don't even live on Main Street; I live in a neighborhood hidden in the woods.

    I left for school much earlier than normal. I figured that with the horrendous weather I would drive super slowly and cautiously because my commute would be twice as long. And I did. That didn't help my car from skidding under me and losing control of my wheel.

    I kid you not, I was going maybe 8 miles per hour around a curb that typically is taken at speeds of 25 miles per hour. I made it around the curb safely, but after the curb and onto the straightaway, my wheels refused to turn due to all the snow, and it kept turning- right into a guard rail on the opposite side of the road. Fortunately, no cars were in the other lane.

    That guard rail saved my life. I had never really considered the importance of guard rails before, but it embraced my car and even though the rail definitely bent under the weight, it did its job and prevented me from falling into a ditch. If that guard rail hadn't been there, who knows where I would be today. Alive? Disabled?

    Kudos to my seat belt too. If I hadn't been wearing it (I always do), the guard rail may not have made a difference. Sure, it would have stopped my car, but would it have prevented me from flying through my front windshield?

    Prevent car accidents in the winter snow with auto from Andrew gordon incThe point is, I faced a major reality check that day. Although it wasn't my first car accident, it was the first one where my safety and well-being had been extremely compromised. It made me rethink all the stupid moves that drivers make, such as breaking the speed limit, not wearing seatbelts, texting, etc. I wasn't even distracted; I was totally focused! It was an act of nature that sent me spinning out of control.

    So here's my two cents from this experience: Always wear your seat belt. Do not get distracted. Do not drive if you feel as if the weather or the road conditions will affect your driving. And all the other little things. Here's a couple of other driving hints: It's not cool to speed, to text, to not wear your seatbelt, or to make incomplete stops at stop signs and traffic lights. You only put yourself and others at danger, and when accidents like this happen (and they do) you are not going to want the reason to be because you were acting as a careless driver.

    My car was damaged. It received a lot less damage than I anticipated, but I had also anticipated arriving to school safely and without accident. Accidents are unplanned. Make sure you have all the coverage you need to cover yourself in case something like this happens to you. If your car gets out of control, there's no telling what it could hit- a guard rail, a tree, a house, another car...

    Be safe and cautious while driving. If you would like a free auto quote from us to best fit your needs, click the button below. We'll do the shopping for you. Learn more about auto insurance here

      Driving with Insurance in Mind eBook

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    Why Did My Home Insurance Premium Go Up?

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Thu, Jan 17, 2013 @ 03:11 PM

    Ice storms, snow storms, tornadoes,  hurricanes- oh my! These were just a few of the catastrophic weather events that Massachusetts homeowners faced over the past few years.  

    Homeowners learn why your home insurance premium may rise with andrew gordon incWhat does this have to do with your  home insurance premium rising?  

    Throughout the insurance industry, these weather happenings resulted in record setting property damage and home insurance claims.  Across the board, insurers evaluated the adequacy of their home insurance pricing  after catastrophic events slammed insurers balance sheets in recent years. 

    What is the net result? 

    Home insurers will be charging more to cover expected claims and the rising cost of reinsurance- the insurance on their insurance. Many insurers rate increases are in the 10% range. In addition, stricter underwriting guidelines are being used to determine eligibility including distance to the coast and timely premium payments.  The net result is the home insurance market is tightening for Massachusetts consumers.

    If you were one of the lucky ones not impacted by weather events and or did not file a claim, a premium increase is a particularly  tough pill to swallow. Or if you did file a claim, a premium increase is still hard to understand particularly if this was the first time that you ever filed a home insurance claim.

    How can I get the best price?

    Our agency  reviews home insurance renewals for customers to make sure the best priced option and coverage is provided to our clients.  An example, over the past few months, I reviewed several home insurance renewals for four customers. The rates increased in the 10% range for each of these homeowners. None had filed a claim and all were taking advantage of discounts including account credits for bundling auto and home insurance together.  We went to work and compared pricing with more than a dozen companies for each customer. The analysis showed for each of these customers that their current home insurance program was still the best priced option even with the premium increase. 

    For each of these customers, we made other suggestions to save premium. Three of the customers opted for higher deductibles and the other decided to self insure some scheduled jewelry listed on the policy. The net result was all four customers were able to reduce their premium back to the price they were paying the previous year. 

    If you are looking out the window at the moderate temperatures on the thermometer and dry pavements, record setting meteorological events may be a mere memory. It’s not quite the same recall for home insurers as they tally their balance sheets and continue to adjust rates. You can be assured that our agency strives to assure the best priced option and coverage is afforded to all new and renewing customers. Learn more about homeowners insurance here.

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    How To Enjoy Winter Safely

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Jan 02, 2013 @ 05:16 PM

    The Magic Number 98.6


    98.6 should be a number familiar to you as it is the average temperature of the human body in degrees Fahrenheit.

    thermometer pic 2019

    The human body constantly reacts to its environment in a process known as homeostasis (starting to remind you of middle school science, right?). The important part to remember is that any drastic change in outside temperature, short or long-term, changes the body's internal temperature. When this body temperature is elevated or lowered, bad things happen. Metabolic processes necessary for life cannot occur quickly, if at all, and the body begins to shut down. In other words, you want to stay as close to 98.6 degrees F as much as possible.

    So how can you do this? Winter seems to be the season of sickness. The sheer number of people rushed to the hospital due to temperature changes is frightening and the number of deaths is even more startling. Who ever said the common cold couldn't kill?

    Fortunately, there are several, easy steps that can be taken in order to keep yourself and your loved ones at a toasty 98.6°, and these steps mostly include wearing warm clothes.

    Get warm clothes and personal life insurance this winter with andrew gordon inc


    • 1. Winter coats- Remind your teens that a sweatshirt is not a winter coat. Although a sweatshirt might be easier to find and throw on before you head out the door, a sweatshirt won't keep you warm for extended periods of time. This is especially true if you're going to be doing winter activities such as ice skating or sledding; wear something that is made to keep you warm.

    2. Gloves- Gloves are another thing that are often avoided. Yes, they can sometimes be a pain, but they do keep your fingers and hands warm and able. Have you ever tried using a cell phone with frozen hands? It's not pretty- your hands shake and it takes about three times as long to upload that sledding pic to Instagram.

    3. Hats- You know that a large portion of the body's heat is lost through the head. Because people have different types of hair, hair length, or no hair at all, it's safe to say that head warmth is not equally bestowed. The best way to keep your body heat at prime is to wear a hat, or maybe some earmuffs (ears can get cold pretty quickly).

    4. Socks- Whether you love them or hate them, you lose a lot of heat through your feet, as well. Wear slippers around the house (cold floors will draw heat out) if socks are not your cup of tea.

    Eat and drink warm this winter to stay safe with personal life insurance from andrew gordon incFOOD AND DRINK

    Speaking of tea, drinking warm beverages such as hot tea, hot coffee, and hot chocolate can help warm you up, especially after being outside for a long period of time. While the drink won't affect your body temperature too much (there's that homeostasis again), your hands and mouth are very sensitive. This sensitivity to the heat will make you feel warm all over.

    Hot meals, such as soup and mac n cheese, will also help you remain warm in the winter.

    Colder foods like ice cream, while delicious, do not do much for you when it comes to staying warm. So if you're going to have some ice cream, try to add some hot fudge or warm apple pie.

    Come on, this is Massachusetts! You're bound to get cold sometime! Bundle up, be safe, be warm, and have a wonderful winter!

    If you have a question one of our insurance professionals can answer for you, use the form at the top left of this blog. Or you can always call us at 1-800-649-3252. 

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    An Insurance Christmas

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Mon, Dec 24, 2012 @ 09:01 AM

    Have a happy christmas and holiday season with personal from andrew gordon inc insurance



    'Twas the night before Christmas

    And all were asleep

    Happy and worry-free

    In case disaster should creep


    The stockings were hung

    So they won't catch aflame

    And if they did, the homeowner's policy

    Would put that to shame


    If a reindeer hits the car, 

    Insurance will protect the auto

    "Making Insurance Make Sense"

    -That is our motto


    So sleep sweetly and dream,

    Let the sugar plum fairies dance

    You have no loss to fear 

    Because of insurance!


    Have a wonderful Christmas! Stay safe!

    From, the Gordon Staff

    Learn about personal insurance here.

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    Insurance Planet

    Posted by Gordon Atlantic Staff

    Wed, Dec 12, 2012 @ 11:18 AM

    Learn about insurance on earth with andrew gordon incImagine a world where every time something bad happened, someone was there for you. Your car could crash into a house, fall into a ditch, and explode into a million pieces all within the same second, and you would still be covered. Your house could be hit by a named storm, catch on fire, and have all the remaining valuables stolen, and you would still be covered. The sky could fall, it could rain cats and dogs, and zombies could rise and eat your flesh. Still covered? You bet.

    This ideal world is known as Insurance Planet. But is Insurance Planet truly ideal?

    On Insurance Planet, Murphy's law applies in the worst ways. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. That's why every Insurance Planet citizen has insurance. Insurance dominates everyday activities because everything keeps going wrong. It's truly an awful lifestyle. Thank goodness we live on Earth.

    On Earth, Murphy's law is applicable some of time- not all of time. However, when things do go wrong, it's nice that us Earthlings have insurance available. It's not everyday that we're going to crash our car, experience a hurricane, or have our identity stolen. (It's like that on Insurance Planet. Something goes wrong EVERY SINGLE DAY).

    The one disadvantage earthlings have when compared to the citizens of Insurance Planet is that, generally, we don't entirely understand all of our policies. We have experts here and there, but most of us don't work in the insurance business.

    Insurance can be just a tricky thing. Some people know that you can file a claim for spoiled food, but forget to ask themselves if it would be worth it. Weirder claims than spoiled food have been made. And insurance has so much paperwork! "What is the difference between the HO-3 and the HO-5 forms?!?" you might ask, "It's just a number, right?!?"


    Although we aren't aliens from Insurance Planet, we at Andrew G. Gordon, Inc. do our best to meet all of your insurance needs. Whether it's finding a quote, helping you prepare for natural disasters, or just explaining what your insurance policy will do for you, we are here to help!

    So if you ever find yourself experiencing a day that's simply filled with events that stem from Murphy's law, just find a desk and chair and look us up. Feel free to contact us at anytime, ask us your questions, and be happy that you live on Earth instead of the dreaded Planet Insurance! Learn about your personal insurance options here

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