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Learn about insurance on earth with andrew gordon incImagine a world where every time something bad happened, someone was there for you. Your car could crash into a house, fall into a ditch, and explode into a million pieces all within the same second, and you would still be covered. Your house could be hit by a named storm, catch on fire, and have all the remaining valuables stolen, and you would still be covered. The sky could fall, it could rain cats and dogs, and zombies could rise and eat your flesh. Still covered? You bet.

This ideal world is known as Insurance Planet. But is Insurance Planet truly ideal?

On Insurance Planet, Murphy's law applies in the worst ways. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. That's why every Insurance Planet citizen has insurance. Insurance dominates everyday activities because everything keeps going wrong. It's truly an awful lifestyle. Thank goodness we live on Earth.

On Earth, Murphy's law is applicable some of time- not all of time. However, when things do go wrong, it's nice that us Earthlings have insurance available. It's not everyday that we're going to crash our car, experience a hurricane, or have our identity stolen. (It's like that on Insurance Planet. Something goes wrong EVERY SINGLE DAY).

The one disadvantage earthlings have when compared to the citizens of Insurance Planet is that, generally, we don't entirely understand all of our policies. We have experts here and there, but most of us don't work in the insurance business.

Insurance can be just a tricky thing. Some people know that you can file a claim for spoiled food, but forget to ask themselves if it would be worth it. Weirder claims than spoiled food have been made. And insurance has so much paperwork! "What is the difference between the HO-3 and the HO-5 forms?!?" you might ask, "It's just a number, right?!?"


Although we aren't aliens from Insurance Planet, we at Andrew G. Gordon, Inc. do our best to meet all of your insurance needs. Whether it's finding a quote, helping you prepare for natural disasters, or just explaining what your insurance policy will do for you, we are here to help!

So if you ever find yourself experiencing a day that's simply filled with events that stem from Murphy's law, just find a desk and chair and look us up. Feel free to contact us at anytime, ask us your questions, and be happy that you live on Earth instead of the dreaded Planet Insurance! Learn about your personal insurance options here

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