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How to Get the Most out of Gordon Insurance: Blogs

If you are reading this, then you are looking at one of the many blog posts at the Gordon Insurance website. Congrats! Perhaps you found us through Facebook or Twitter, or clicked something on the webpage by mistake. No matter, you're here now, and this is how to get the most out of Gordon Insurance blogs.

You might be asking yourself why we even bother with an insurance blog? Who reads about insurance in their free time, am I right? Well, you'd be surprised. Since everybody has to have some form of insurance, whether it's home, auto, or life, many people have questions about insurance. And where do they go to find the answers to their questions? To our site.

Since we update our blog so often, roughly three-five times a week, we have a lot of new and up-to-date content for you. Here's how to find our blogs. That's right. Blogs. With an 's'. If you really want to get the most out of Gordon Insurance, you can always read about things other than insurance. (We aren't boring people- we have other interests too!)

Here's how to get the most out of our blogs:

1. Go to Blog Directory

Read Andrew G Gordon blogs for insurance info

2. Decide which blog you'd like to read.

We currently have six different blogs: Our Personal Insurance Blog (most frequently updated), Commercial Insurance Blog (for businesses and whatnot), New to Massachusetts Blog (for people who are new to the area), Gordon Book Review, Gordon Travel Blog, and Gordon Recipe Blog. Click on the links on the side bar or on the main screen.

Blog Menu

3. Read a blog!

In the example below, using our lovely The Simple Math Behind Insurance blog, we notice a couple of things the blogs offer. At the very top of each blog post and every blog page is a menu (located in the blue box). Simply click this to view a full list of every blog that's ever been published under that category... EVER! In the black box we see a list of the ten most recent blog posts, again, by category. And in the red box below we have an option of subscribing to our blog. Simply provide your email, and we'll provide the rest. That way, you never miss out on new info.

Blog ExampleEvery now and then people find themselves reading our blog, and they aren't quite sure what it is. It's not a page on our website, it's a useful resource that is constantly being updated. Whether you want to learn about insurance, read some safety tips, or want a new recipe for your holiday party, the Gordon Insurance blog is always going to be there for you.

Some of our most popular blog posts are linked below. Click and read away!



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