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Road Courtesy: The Opposite of Road Rage

Seeing friendly driving is always such a nice change of pace. I can't tell you the number of times somebody has let me go in front of them, but I can tell you that the number is not as high as it should be.

Road courtesy is essentially the exact opposite of road rage. Road rage occurs when drivers' feelings escalate too quickly on the road and lead to aggressive driving. Road rage doesn't always cause accidents, but the road is certainly a safer place without these crazed drivers.

How to Participate in Road CourtesyDrive safely without road rage and get auto insurance for your car with andrew g gordon inc

1.) Make sure you are driving as safely as possible. Endangering other drivers and passengers on the road certainly does not qualify as road courtesy.

2.) Do not get road rage. Doing a good thing and canceling it out with a bad thing does not make things equal. All moments in which drivers have road rage are bad moments. Do not be one of those drivers.

3.) Let others go- if there's a lot of traffic on the road and another vehicle wants to join, but there aren't any openings, then slow your car down, flash your high beams, and let them go. Your driver will most likely thank you with a friendly wave. BUT REMEMBER:

  • You should NOT completely stop/brake just to let someone go. If there are other drivers behind you, this quick brake might be too sudden for them to stop.
  • If there aren't any cars behind you, stopping for the other vehicle is unnecessary, since the gap to allow them into traffic flow is right behind you.
  • It's okay to have good intentions, but realize what your actions might do to the overall traffic flow. If you will be more disruptive than helpful, then maybe let someone go another time.

Other Reminders

If some other driver in the road chooses not to participate in road courtesy, do not get angry at them. Drivers getting angry at each other is the sole cause of road rage. Let them go, and keep your cool.

Road courtesy prevents accidents and keeps everybody as safe as possible. Road rage causes accidents and injuries- even death. It's up to you to decide which you will participate in. Choose wisely.

If you have any questions regarding road safety or auto insurance, feel free to contact us. We'll be delighted to assist you with any insurance questions. If you are the victim of road rage or any other minor accident, we will do our best to help you. Until then, make sure you have the best protection for your vehicle by clicking the button below. We'll quote your vehicle for free, and if any better policies are available, we will inform you immediately. Learn more about auto insurance here.

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