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Keep yourself healthy at your desk with chair yoga exercises and personal from andrew gordon inc insurance norwell maThose of us who have office positions that keep us seated at our desks and hunched over our computers for the majority of the day often have tight, sore muscles that lead to tension headaches and neck pain by the end of the workday. Employees that are subject to these long hours of a sedentary work situation may look to some avenues for stress reduction during the day.

Some suggestions to try might be various types of yoga exercises done while seated at your desk. 

While seated at the front edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor and knees directly over your ankles, you could try neck rolls by gently dropping your head forward and rolling from side to side.  You could also try shoulder rolls by gently lifting your shoulders and rotating them backwards in slow circular motions.  Repeat a few times and then reverse the motion. One more exercise to try is moving your arms behind you until you can hold onto the back of your chair.  You should keep your elbows straight and adjust the height of your hands until you feel a good stretch in your chest, arms and shoulders.

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