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Many insureds confuse compulsory insurance with comprehensive insurance. 
In Massachusetts, home insurance is not compulsory as is auto insurance.  Since carriers are not required to write homeowner cover...
As soon as a child obtains their driver’s permit, the agency receives calls to add these new drivers to their parents’ auto polici...
One of the primary factors in rating a homeowner policy is the completion of a replacement cost estimator. 
2-Jul-2014 health
Those of us who have office positions that keep us seated at our desks and hunched over our computers for the majority of the day ...
17-May-2014 home
Homeowner policies are “personal lines” policies and by their very nature are not intended to cover “commercial” exposures.  Howev...
2-May-2014 immigration
Very often we are asked to write auto policies for insureds who have recently immigrated to Massachusetts.  Since auto insurance i...
27-Jan-2014 auto policy
When your car is laid up in the shop after a fender bender or when it’s been stolen, the thing you miss most, is your personal fre...
17-Dec-2013 home
12-Nov-2013 claims history
When writing insurance policies and homeowner policies in particular, agents are now required to obtain much more detailed informa...
18-Jun-2013 green

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