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Fall Heater Maintenance

Protect your home and personal safety by maintaining your house heater during fall with Gordon InsuranceWith the arrival of fall, the leaves will turn, the beaches will be abandoned, and the night air will become dry and chilly. What this inevitably means for many homeowners is that their furnaces will begin to belch warm air to keep houses toasty. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat useless gesture if a house is drafty or poorly insulated. The heat quickly dissipates, leaving a cold house and an empty wallet. Eliminating drafts and adding insulation can make your heating dollar go further, and reduce cold airflow into your home. Most people think of cars when they hear the term “Fuel efficiency”, but striving for efficiency while heating your house could save you just as much (if not more) money.   

ServiceMaster recommends taking these steps to ensure fuel efficiency:   

  1. Get oil burners inspected annually – A puffback can occur when your oil burner malfunctions, sending soot throughout your home or business.  Soot should be cleaned immediately to prevent more contamination. 
  2. Change or clean your heating & air conditioning filters regularly – This will save money in the long run, as it allows better air circulation through a furnace or central air conditioning system. 
  3. Have your Air Ducts professionally cleaned every 2-5 years – All the dust and residue that builds up in the ducts limits efficiency of the system, and should be cleaned BY A PROFESSIONAL to ensure efficiency. 
  4. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors  – Carbon Monoxide levels can become deadly within a short period of time. The gas is incredibly dangerous because is it colorless and odorless. Place detectors on every level of your home, especially near the bedrooms. 
  5. Prevent Mold and Mildew growth – Fix all water leaks or seepage problems and replace water damaged sheet rock and insulation.  All water damaged items should be inspected by a disaster restoration specialist. 
  6. Consider new windows, or storms over your existing windows, depending on your budget.  Energy star certified windows may get you a tax  credit, making the break-even cost come that much sooner.

For service providers, including North Star Baily (windows), Owens Corning Bay State Basements, and other business partners of Gordon, visit our partners page

Taking these steps may seem expensive, but good maintenance of a heating or cooling system will save money in the long run. For more insurance tips and topical relevant insurance resources, visit the Andrew G. Gordon, Inc. Webpage. Or to see free educational insurance videos, check out our whiteboard video library.


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