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Pig A la Mode

We tend to think of the more common types of Homeowners claims such as fire, theft, wind damage etc. My dad always called his Homeowners policy his “Fire policy”.  “If it’s not a fire, I’m not putting in a claim”. Times have changed since then and homeowners look to their policy to help them share the burden of loss.

Cover yourself and pets with homeowners from Gordon InsuranceAs an agent, one of my most memorable claims involved a pet pig. Hilarious- but true! My clients were awakened by lightning damage at their home. It seems that a lightning bolt hit the side of their car, knocking off both hub caps. According to the fire department, the lightning bolt then traveled underneath the paved driveway and knocked off the hub caps on the other side of the car. The bolt then proceeded to travel over to the gate of the Smith’s metal fence, hitting the electric lock and causing the gate to open. Fenced inside was the Smith’s pet pig. The pig became spooked and ran across the street and in the neighbor’s back yard. The pig then ran across the covered in ground pool and fell through the cover. The fire department successfully rescued the pig from drowning.

  • Replacement of the damaged electric lock, replacement for the neighbor’s pool cover, and the fire department service charge were covered on the Homeowners policy.
  • Replacement of damaged hub caps were covered on the auto policy.
  • Rescued & consoled pig…………………Priceless!

Sometimes, it’s good to sit back and laugh at insurance, which is usually a serious matter. Check out our website for more insurance information and resources, like our whiteboard video series.

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