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Halloween! Spiders & Witches & Goblins, Oh My!

Prepare yourself and loved ones for Halloween and other holidays with these safety tips and home auto life from Gordon InsuranceHalloween can be a fun time for kids and adults alike. Trick or Treating, Costume Parties,  Bobbing for Apples… the fun never seems to end.

But along with all this fun, there is the potential for danger. Here are some things to consider while celebrating All Hallows Eve:

1) Check the labels on your kids’ costumes to be sure they are fire proof or at lease fire retardant.

2) Always have an adult or older sibling accompany young children when they go trick or treating.

3) Consider applying reflective tape to your child's costume.

4) Equip your child with a flashlight or other light device.

And of course, there’s all that candy! While most people enjoy providing treats for the tricksters, there are those devious individuals who do intentional harm. We’ve all heard the stories of razor blades in apples, alcohol or drugs injected into apples or oranges and of course the poisons added to candy. Your best bet is to advise your child not to eat any of their treats until you have a chance to check them out (good luck with that!). Better yet, why not host a Halloween party in your home where you have control of what is eaten. Giving prizes for the best, worst or scariest costumes, bobbing for apples, etc. are all sure to keep the kids happy AND SAFE!

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And for scarily helpful resources and insurance information, visit our website or get a quote. Happy Halloween from A G Gordon, Inc!


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