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Old Cars: Fix or Ditch?

Know what to do with an old car and cover your vehicle with auto from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MAMany people with insurance have good, reliable used vehicles that they depend on every day. There comes a time, however, when a decision must be made regarding the purchase or continuation of physical damage coverage. At some point the premium for comprehensive and collision coverage plus the deductible charged for the at fault collision may outweigh the value of the vehicle damaged. Oftentimes we recommend keeping comprehensive coverage in force when deleting the collision coverage since if provides for windshield repair or replacement with no deductible applied for a fairly low premium. For more information about this, go to our auto insurance page.

The other big decision regarding older vehicles is when is it time to stop repairing and buy a new vehicle. People insist they would rather “drive their used car into the ground” rather than take on new car payments. However, in some cases, purchasing a new car may actually be the less costly way to go. 

Some examples of a good time to buy new might be:

1.)     If the monthly repair bills exceed a new(er) car loan payment

2.)    When the used car needs major work, such as a transmission or engine fix which may cost several thousand dollars with no guarantee that the car will be as good as new

3.)    When the car has high mileage and may not have a lot of life left as evidenced by a mechanic

4.)    When you’re spending more and more time and effort on constant repairs

If any of the above applies to the situation, it may be time to walk away from the old and consider the new purchase.

For information about insuring you're new car, check us out at and watch a few of our whiteboard videos. Learn more about your automobile insurance options here.

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