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Insure your home with homeowners and enjoy insurance haikus from Andrew Gordon IncYes, that’s right. Haikus. Like the ones you wrote for the much hated poetry projects in English class. These are the result of an attempt to diversify our blog towards other content. So if you like this, drop us a comment (maybe your own insurance haiku).


Keep track of your stuff
Take video and pictures
For we will rejoice

(Seriously, knowing what you own and keeping record will save you time and money if you file a homeowner's claim. Click here for our Homeowner’s Checklist)

Prepare for storms and hurricanes with homeowners and haikus from Gordon InsuranceHurricanes

No wind coverage
Time is ripe for hurricanes
Sorrow for the coast

(Get a quote from us, or watch our educational Wind & Named Storm Video)

It’s an act of God
Tree bough rains down on your car
Need comprehensive

(Comprehensive coverage is designed for just such a situation. Comprehensive Coverage applies when a car’s been damaged by either a natural or civil disturbance (such as a hail storm, a falling tree, or an act of vandalism)).

Understand driving laws and cover yourself and your automobile with auto and haikus from Gordon InsuranceAuto Insurance

Failure to signal
This driver cannot escape
The standards of fault

(The operator of a vehicle shall be presumed to be more than 50% at fault when operating a vehicle which is in collision while failing to signal as required by law before turning or changing lanes. Use your blinker!)

There’s a new driver:
Junior Operator Laws
Are strict; drive safely

(click here to see the Junior Operator Laws and implications)

A new text message
While driving on the highway
Please don’t answer it

(The new safe driving bill outlaws texting REGARDLESS OF AGE, for the details on this new legislation, click here)

Andrew Gordon Inc provides all your home auto life and commercial insurance needsInsurance

Visit our website
It is Agordon dot com
You will not regret

Learn more about personal insurance here.

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