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How to Lower Your Energy Bill

Lower your energy bill and get homeowners insurance from Andrew G Gordon Inc

Save on more than just your insurance with these energy tips.

  1. Turn your thermostat up two degrees in the summer and down in the winter. About 30% of your home energy bill comes from heating and air conditioning.
  2. Take a shower instead of a bath! (You probably already do this, but isn't it nice to know you're saving money?)
  3. Don't let your water run while you shave or brush your teeth; a little conservation goes a long way. 
  4. Use cold water whenever possible! My family washes all of our clothes in cold water. We also use even less energy by hanging nearly all of our clothes up to dry instead of putting them in the dryer; this helps clothes last longer, too!
  5. Instead of using the oven to heat up every snack, use the microwave, toaster, or something that consumes less energy.
  6. The refrigerator uses more electricity than any other appliance in your house (except for maybe your heater/AC). Even if you just leave the door open to get a glass of milk, close it!
  7. Get drapes with insulating liner for your windows to cut heat loss in half.
  8. If you have a pool, use a solar cover to heat it with the sun and prevent the water from evaporating.
  9. Get energy saving light bulbs (the kind with the twisted pipes)! Not only do these save energy, but I've found them to be brighter and last longer than regular light bulbs.
  10. Wait for full loads with your dishwasher and clothes washer to get the most out of your water use.
  11. *If you opt for online payments instead of paper mail with many insurance companies, you'll get discounts! (This isn't on your energy bill, but it's on your carbon footprint!)

Contact us with any questions, and learn more about homeowner's insurance on our website. Be smart and go green! Get some more tips at


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