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3-Nov-2011 Kay Gordon auto

Accident Prevention: Defensive Driving Course

Drive safely in new conditions and cover your vehicle and teenagers with auto from Andrew Gordon IncA Facebook posting by a friend shows a picture of the family car on its side with the passenger side crushed.  Luckily no one was hurt in this accident, which happened when their teenage son was driving to school on a snowy “spring” day that was surprisingly slick and dangerous. Unfortunately, on the way to school accidents are quite common as new and newish drivers are on their own for the first time in conditions that as “permit” drivers they might not have encountered.

Unanticipated conditions are often met with panic and reactions that aggravate rather than help. Here on the South Shore there is a driving school that is dedicated to helping drivers cope with realistic, emergency situations. Unlike pre-licensed driving and class courses, this school, which is run by professional race car drivers, puts the driver into “controlled” situations like spin-outs, mock accidents, slick driving conditions and shows the driver how to deal with such encounters.

My own family members have taken advantage of this course and felt that it was invaluable as well as a lot of fun. You can link to a 10% discount for this course from our website's auto page or go straight to the discounted sign-up page here.

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