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MA Surcharges: 20 Minor Violations That Increase Insurance

Cover your automobile with auto insurance from Andrew Gordon IncMost people understand that a major moving violation (DUI, reckless driving etc) will lead to a surcharge by giving you ‘points’.  But not everyone knows that many minor moving violations will also result in surcharges.

Here are some you may not have known:

  1. Failing to stop for a blind pedestrian- regardless of circumstance, you MUST stop for a blind pedestrian
  2. Leaving your car running unattended – we’re all guilty of this one, but it could get you ticketed
  3. Lane change without a directional signal (either a hand signal or a blinker) – again, a common infraction that is more than courtesy; it’s the law
  4. Failing to yield right of way to an emergency vehicleBe prepared for automobile accidents with auto from Gordon Insurance
  5. Failure to fasten a trailer with proper safety chains and/or equipment
  6. Tailgating –yes, you can be ticketed for following another car too closely -  do your fellow driver a favor and stay off his tail 
  7. Keeping your high beams on – be mindful of who you’re flashing with your brights; if it’s a trooper, you could get ticketed
  8. Failure to use headlights from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise
  9. Wearing ear buds or headphones while operating- Bluetooth is ok, headphones are not
  10. Improper use of your horn – if you honk just because you’re angry; you’re guilty. A horn is used to alert other cars of danger. 
  11. Leaving your keys in the ignition – even if your engine is off, your keys should not be in the ignition Protect your vehicle and automobile interests with auto and advice from Gordon Insurance
  12. Passing on the right 
  13. Liquor: any minor cannot have liquor in the vehicle and anyone over 21 cannot have an open container in the vehicle
  14. Operating a vehicle without all mirrors functioning properly
  15. Passing on a motorcycle not in single-file
  16. Operating your vehicle on a bet or wager
  17. Obstructing funerals and processions
  18. Operating through a ‘peekhole’ in the windshield – if you have an incompletely defrosted windshield, don’t drive the vehicle. Let the windshield defrost first
  19. Passing any vehicle with less than 400 feet of view
  20. Employing any unlicensed operator
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