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Skating Safety: 7 Tips

Now it’s no secret that I am not the best ice skater; however, I’m close to being an authority on falling, so skating safety is important to me. The national safety council also has a useful tip list.

Stay safe while skating with these tips and personal from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MA

Skating Safety

1. Comfortable skates with regularly sharpened blades

At the beginning of each season, take your skates to a professional sharpener.

2. Check the ice

Before you take off, make sure there are no major cracks, holes, etc

3. Know the skills

Before you skate with friends, learn how to skate. It’s not much fun falling the entire time

4. Dress for success

Shorts are for the summer, ice skating should be done with all the necessary winter gear.

5. Location

Be sure the location has been specially prepared and tested for safety. The ice should be strong enough to support your weight

6. Buddy System

Never skate alone. If the Olympic athletes can skate in front of millions of strangers, you can ice skate with one or more friends.

7. Helmets

I don’t know any adults or teenagers who wear a helmet ice skating. I don’t myself; however, it can’t hurt to have your young child where one until their proficient and confident.

Skate safely with this advice and personal from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MA Protect yourself from winter skating accidents with personal from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MA


When you’ve come inside from the frigid air and grabbed your hot chocolate, visit us online at If you're interested in winter sport safety, check out my blogs about skiing safety, snowboarding safety, and sledding safety.


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