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Woodpeckers and Wooden Houses Do Not Mix!

Prevent animals from destroying your home with this advice and homeowners from Andrew Gordon Inc Insurance Norwell MAHave you ever heard a knock, knock on your house and realized that you had unwanted visitors? Woodpeckers eat insects, fruit, acorns, and nuts. As you can imagine, they can find insects in the wood on your home; the last thing you want is a bunch of holes in your house.

However, there is a very simple (and effective) method for keeping this pretty bird away.

All you need is a few red balloons, clothespins, and a ladder.

Simply blow up the red balloons to the size of a woodpeckers head (a small fist size) and tie them off. Get the help of someone with a ladder that can go up to all the corners of your house. All you have to do is take a clothespin and attach one balloon to each corner of your house.

Voila! The woodpeckers will go away. 

I have seen this happen first hand.  It sounds extremely simple, but it does work. Be careful and don’t climb up a ladder unless you have it secured. To insure your home, check us out at and look at our homeowners insurance resources.

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