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How Insurance Plays a Role in Buying a New Vehicle

How Insurance Plays a Role in Buying a New Vehicle

You’ve done it!  You bought the car of your dreams, or maybe the car for right now.  There are several steps in the process of buying of a new vehicle.  One of the last steps to take in order to get the vehicle registered and on the road is the insurance.  How the insurance is completed depends on what avenue you are using to buy the vehicle.



If you are buying the vehicle from a dealership, the dealer will typically take charge of getting the vehicle registered and titled for you.  If you have an existing policy in place, you can simply provide the dealer with the contact info of your agent (Gordon Insurance in Norwell) and the dealer will coordinate with the agent on the necessary paperwork.

If you do not have an existing policy in place, you’ll need to call your agent, or find an agent, and provide them the necessary information to create a new policy for you (your personal info – name, date of birth, address, other household drivers, vehicle info).  Once you choose which quote you are going with, you can provide the dealership with the agent’s contact info. 


Private Party Sale

If you are buying the vehicle from a private party, or from a dealer that does not offer registry services, the process involves you a bit more. 

Most agents will provide the service to existing customer of running to the registry, or in office registry access, so you can get the plates for the new vehicle within a few days. 

You will need to obtain the title from the seller when you buy the vehicle.  You will then provide that title to the agent so they can create the necessary paperwork for you to sign.  The agent will simply add the vehicle to your existing policy (and remove the old vehicle if necessary), or create a new policy for you.


Using an independent insurance agent is always recommended when purchasing a new vehicle.

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