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1-Aug-2016 risks
The soaring cost of daycare is leading to a rise in the number of families hiring an in-home nanny amongst our customer base.  Mos...
Should I file an insurance claim or not?
17-Feb-2016 Insuring a new car
How Insurance Plays a Role in Buying a New Vehicle
12-Nov-2014 homeowners insurance
Purchasing a new home can be a complicated process with many moving parts.  It may have taken months to find that dream home, to n...
1-Apr-2014 construction
Are you considering remodeling your home or adding an addition to your home?  If you are, you will want to speak with your insuran...
6-Feb-2013 home
Trying to save money on your insurance?
25-Oct-2012 home
This past July the Federal Emergency Management Association, otherwise known as FEMA, came to Massachusetts to review every commun...
27-Jun-2012 house
A Guide to Determining How Much Insurance to Buy for Your Home
10-Apr-2012 home
There are many scenarios in which a home becomes vacant for more than just a weekend or week or two vacation. I speak to people al...
18-Jan-2012 policy
Investment properties are purchased by individuals to make a profit.  That profit is usually realized 5, 10, 15, or 30 years after...

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