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20-Jun-2016 Jane Logan summer

Boating Safety

Summer is here and it’s boating season, here are some boat safety tips:

  1. Check fuel levels and engine for liquid, vapor or carbon monoxide leaks

  2. Check electrical systems and lights

  3. Test radios and navigation equipment

  4. Attach boat and vehicle keys to a floating device

  5. Check weather reports

  6. If possible have an inflatable device or an actual life boat on board

  7. If you go boating alone, always wear a life jacket so if you fall overboard you’ll have a better chance of surviving - especially if you hit your head, or if a medical event such as heart attack, low blood sugar or seizure cause you to fall overboard. You may not be able to swim at all or for very long during a medical event.

  8. Tell someone where you plan to go boating and when you plan to return so if you’re not back when expected they can notify the authorities.

  9. Take the boat registration, towing policy information, a fire extinguisher and first aid kit

  10. Only allow authorized operators to operate the boat – don’t risk having an uninsured loss!

Stay safe when boating and have fun!


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