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23-Jun-2016 Sue Bird cost

Accident Forgiveness

Many companies offer some form of Accident Forgiveness.  Accident Forgiveness typically will prevent a surcharge from being applied to your policy for an At Fault Accident that occurs after you purchase the coverage.  The accident is forgiven by your company only but will still be reflected with the Merit Rating Board who maintains the driving records in Massachusetts.  So, if you were to change insurance companies later, the new company would see the At Fault accident and it would affect your insurance premium with the new company. 

The cost of the Accident Forgiveness coverage varies greatly in price depending on the company and each company has their own requirements for obtaining the coverage and when it will respond.  On the other hand, a surcharge for an At Fault accident can cost you $100’s, sometimes upwards of a $1000 additional depending on other rating factors and can affect your rate for up to 6 years so it is well worth looking into.


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