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Drivers Education Parent Class- Are You a Good "Road" Model?

Parents be a good road role model for your new teen driver with auto from andrew gordon incIf you are a parent of a teen of driving age, you may be surprised to learn that you will be back in the classroom. The Massachusetts Junior Operator Drivers Education law requires a parent or guardian to attend a two hour course as part of the Junior Operator driver education requirements.  I had the pleasure of attending a parent session last weekend at the AAA Old Colony Driving School in Rockland. The class reviews the Junior Operator’s laws and the parent’s role in supporting safe driving. It also reviews the driving skills their child must master to pass a road test.

Most importantly, the class identified driving behaviors that may negatively influence a new driver. Parents took a self-evaluation form to assess their own driving habits.

Ask Yourself

Check if you get a passing grade for being a “good road model “ when you ask yourself the following questions?

  • Do you talk on the cell phone while driving?                                 
  • Do you read or answer text messages while driving?
  • Do you allow yourself to be distracted while driving?
  • Do you always use directional signals when turning?
  • Do you always obey traffic signals and signs?
  • Do you drive over the speed limit?
  • Do you drive aggressively?
  • Do you get upset at other drivers while driving?
  • Do you always wear your seatbelt?
  • Do you make sure your passengers are wearing a seatbelt?
  • Do you drive after drinking alcohol?
  • Do you enforce rules and expectations with your teen driver?
  • Do you explain safe driving strategies with your teen?
  • If your teen is driving, do you offer feedback to help improve their skills?
  • Do you discuss the financial aspects of driving with your teen?
  • Do you discuss car maintenance with your teen?
  • Did you discuss what to do after an accident before you teen is licensed?

Hopefully, you answers prove you are a “good road model”  for your soon-to-be-licensed teen. If not, there’s still time to set a good example for your new driver!

If you have another other questions about teens and the road, check out our New Driver Resources page. Don't forget to download our contract between teen drivers and their parents! And if you're considering purchasing a new car for your teen, feel free to get a free quote from us by clicking the button below. We'll find the best deal for you and your insurance needs. Stay safe! Learn more about auto insurance here.

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