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Be comfortable with insurance from andrew gordon incWhen we were little, we all had fears. Some of us feared the boogey-man who lived under beds. We heard strange noises at night, and we would hide under our blankets with our flashlights to protect ourselves from these monsters.

Now that we're older, we have different fears. Fear of debt, fear of loneliness, fear of hunger- all these monsters follow us wherever we go. Unfortunately for some of us, we are stalked by the Insurance Monster.

The Insurance Monster follows you around, waiting for bad things to happen. He is the black cat that crosses your path, he is the number 13, he is the mystery meat that your cafeteria serves you (ugh, talk about bad luck!). In general, this guy is bad news. He will do anything in his power to put you at loss. Your loss is his gain.

However, the Insurance Monster is easily scared away by one word: Insurance. (You can tell that he didn't name himself). He hates insurance. When he goes about causing mischief and you've got yourself covered, he becomes so upset. His goal is to cause problems that put you at loss. But if you have insurance, what is there for you to lose?

You see, the Insurance Monster will never disappear. Accidents will always happen, and whether you're accident-prone or not, insurance will always have your back (that is, if you have the correct insurance).

So make sure you're protected from the Insurance Monster. Scare him away with the very thing he dreads. Take the time to talk to an insurance expert. (Insurance expert = Modern-day Ghostbuster to your very own Insurance Monster.) It will save you both time and money.


If you would like a quote on your home or auto policy, click the buttons below. If you would rather speak to an insurance representative directly, contact us here at Gordon Insurance. And if you have any other insurance questions, or are simply curious about what insurance tools you can use to battle your Insurance Monster, check out our famous whiteboard videos.

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