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New Year's Resolutions- Insurance Style

With every new year comes a fresh beginning. Fresh beginnings always start with a change in behavior. Plainly speaking, everybody has new goals. Maybe you want to work out more, maybe you want to do more random acts of kindness, maybe you want to practice your dance moves. Whatever you want to do, there are some things you definitely should do. We do them here!

They are...

The insurance resolutions of 2021!!! (Don't get too excited!)

Goal 1: Start the year off right by putting your phone completely away while driving. Put it somewhere you can't see it like in a purse or in your glove compartment. Put it on silent, and do NOT check it while driving under ANY circumstance. Follow this goal and your likelihood of being in an accident decreases drastically.

Make a new years resolution to cover your home with homeowners from andrew gordon inc insuranceGoal 2: You can't ignore your home. After all, you live there. Keep up the home improvements such as shingles and roofing and all those other underrated things to look out for.

Goal 3: Organize your items. Make sure you have records of what you own. Hold onto receipts and take pictures of valuable items like laptops and cell phones.

Goal 4: Prepare for natural disasters. In the winter, you face blizzards. In the summer, you face hurricanes. And of course, you have those weird little storms that fall in between those two seasons. Make sure you have back up batteries, flashlights, food, hygienic supplies BEFORE you first hear of the approaching storm. When Sandy arrived all the stores in the plaza in which I work ran out of D batteries SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE the storm arrived.

We're not asking you to devote your entire life to preparedness, but it's a good idea and a fantastic resolution for the new year. If you have any insurance questions or would like to start your year off with a quote, click the buttons below. Don't hesitate to contact us. Learn more about personal insurance here.


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