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Winter Driving

Here are a few tips to keep you, and others on the road, safe this winter in New England...a climate that is prone to freezing rain and snow.

Car in Snow Pic 2019

Proactive steps to prepare for the white stuff would include having an ice scraper in good shape, gloves, and a snow brush that extends for hard to reach places. Make sure these are left in an easy to retrieve spot in your car. Storing them in your trunk may not be the best idea as large amounts of snowfall may make lifting your trunk to get them out difficult.

Cleaning your car of snowfall, especially where the wipers come back down to their resting position, is very important because once you're underway finding a safe place in inclement weather to pull over and clean may be difficult. Snowfall gathers at the bottom of your windshield and sometimes make the wipers useless.

Test the Roads

All types of snowfall require more distance to safely come to a stop if needed to be done quickly. Most new vehicle models will have an anti-lock braking system and finding out how they react in snow can readily be explained by a knowledgeable mechanic. Take the time to ask an expert while getting your oil changed or snow tires put on. Most folks in the automotive business take pride in sharing their wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of your car!.

Be gentle when braking on snow around corners and down hills. Many people seem to expect their vehicle never to slide because of claims of stability that manufacturers advertise on TV. Regardless of these assurances the vehicle still relies on its driver to exercise caution and good judgement when navigating inclement weather.

As a last measure, it may seem strange but testing the road surface while going slowly and with no one else around will give you an idea of what kind of traction you can expect to encounter while under that particular kind of condition. While driving down a straight section pump the brakes a few times to see what kind of response you're getting and how long it takes you to slow or stop. Knowing the conditions you're encountering will make you more confident on how to handle your vehicle. 

Take Your Time

Simply plan to give yourself more time to reach your destination when the weather isn't optimal. Making judgement calls with traffic and red lights and falling snow, all while under pressure to get somewhere at a particular time, is a stressful scenario. With all the planning in the world, it's far better to be late and safe than to get into an accident that can injure you or your wallet.

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