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23-Jul-2012 Marge Libby dog

A Danger for Dogs

Protect your beloved pets with these tips and insurance from andrew gordon inc norwell maDid you know that raisins are poisonous to dogs? I didn’t!  

A friend of mine recently discovered this the hard way. His dog is fine now, but the thought of what could have happened to his ‘best friend’ alarmed him enough to post a warning to all his friends on Facebook.  

I think most of us have heard the warning about chocolate, but raisins?!  And all this dog did was lick a salad bowl that had half a dozen raisins left in it. 

And it's not just raisins but grapes too, which makes sense since raisins are dried grapes. As few as 7 grapes or raisins can cause serious intestinal damage.

So beware and please check out  for LOTS more info on the many plants and household cleaners that are toxic to your pet and find out what to do in case an emergency like this should arise. Fido and Fluffy will thank you!

And if you want to learn more about protecting your pooch and wallet with pet insurance, read another staff member's blog here




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