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Tips for Safe Driving During the Winter

We have already seen a little bit of snow, after last year we are all hoping for a milder winter.

I don’t know if that is the case or not this year. I have heard if there are a lot of acorns and pine cones in the fall, that means we are in for a rough winter. Soon enough though we will find out whether it will be a mild or rough winter. 

Are you prepared for the winter driving?                                                                            

Remember there are 3 P’s of safe winter driving: PREPARE, PROTECT, PREVENT.          Drive_safely_in_the_winter_and_snow_with_your_automobile_covered_by_auto_insurance_Andrew_gordon_inc.jpg



Have your car ready by checking your battery, your tires and also your windshield wipers, replace if needed.  Make sure you check your antifreeze and put no freeze fluid in your washer reservoir.  Keep your windows clear; make sure you also brush the snow and ice off the top of your car.

What you should store in your car: flashlights, jumper cables, shovel, snow brush and ice scraper. You might also want to put sand, kitty litter or even floor mats for the possibility of  getting stuck in ice or snow, it might give you just enough leverage to get moving again.

Allow plenty of time to get home and leave early if the weather is messy.

Plan your route and let others know what route you will be taking.

If you are stopped or stalled, stay in your car, put bright makers on the antenna.  If you run your car to keep warm, make sure the exhaust pipe is clear, and only run it just enough to warm up.

Know what your brakes will do. Do you have anti-lock brakes? If so, stomp on the brake and keep your foot on it.  If you have non-antilock brakes, you will want to pump your brakes.



Buckle up!  Seat belts do save lives.  Make sure the kids are all buckled in correctly.

Make sure you have a hat, gloves, scarf, and boots in your car.

Might not hurt to have a blanket in the car too.



Do not drink and drive. 

Stopping distance takes longer on snow covered surfaces, same as water covered ice and ice.  Leave a safe distance from the car in front of you.

Keep your eyes open for people walking in the street, or cars entering or backing up from high snow banks.

Slow down, better to get there safe and in one piece. 

Avoid fatigue if you are driving long distances, get plenty of rest before your trip, and stop every 2 to 3 hours for a break.

Please everyone be safe while driving around this winter.  We already know that roads have a lot of pot holes and dips everywhere we go and with them being snow covered it will be hard to see them.

For more information on winter driving, check out our website and visit our winter storm resource center for more information on how to stay safe during the winter!


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